Support North Carolina for Free Beer

The Libertarian Party of North Carolina has launched a new campaign to support Craft Freedom, an association bringing awareness to regulatory issues affecting the growth of the craft brewing industry. 

This campaign includes T-shirt sales.

Craft beer brewers in North Carolina face a dilemma: limit the success and growth of their operations, the number of consumers who could discover and enjoy their product, the jobs they could create and the local economies they could benefit, or -- turn an important part of their operations over to a third party who has no real interest in the success of any individual brewer’s brand.

Stymied by this 1930’s-era state regulation, three NC breweries face that decision. Dozens more don't attempt serious growth because they know they will be put in the same, losing position.

Proposed state legislation will raise the production threshold fourfold before forcing brewers into this decision. It's a reasonable first step in allowing a dynamic and important local industry room to grow.

Here's how you can support craft freedom and the LPNC. 


Order your T-shirt here. We need 50 orders to trigger the first edition printing, so please share this link far and wide.

* Then, go to, sign the petition, and like them on Facebook.

* Call your state representative to voice your support. Click to find out who represents you.

* And show your support by proudly wearing our North Carolina for Free Beer T-shirt whenever you go to your favorite watering hole.



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  • David Ulmer
    commented 2017-03-10 22:54:40 -0500
    We have sold over 50 shirts in just four days! We have two weeks left to go on this first T-shirt print run. This is a great issue to rally around. NC Beer, NC Brewers and NC Jobs. Please sign the Craft Freedom petition.
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