The LPNC Strategic Plan: People. not Politics

The LPNC Executive Committee has finalized the LPNC's 2020 Strategic Plan, defining our strategies, goals and objectives, and setting strategic priorities.

In adopting the plan, LPNC Chair J.J. Summerell noted that it will always be “A work in progress.” “Unlike the U.S. Constitution,” he quipped, “it is a 'living document.”

“The future is unknowable,” said Ken Penkowski, Strategic Planning Committee chair. “There will be specific challenges and opportunities that simply cannot be predicted by this or any other committee in developing general courses of action for the future. This does not invalidate this effort or these results.”

The plan includes a statement of the vision and mission of the LPNC.

Our vision is:

A free, peaceful and prosperous North Carolina where every individual has the opportunity to pursue their unique vision of a rewarding and enriching life.

The LPNC mission is to: Leverage our political influence at the state and local levels to promote candidates and policy consistent with our platform.

The plan also identifies four strategic priorities:

  1. Fundraising
  2. Policy Influence and Election Support
  3. Constituency Development
  4. Administration

Read the full plan here.

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