LP National Chair Will Speak at State Convention

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The 2015 Libertarian Party of North Carolina State Convention is fast approaching. Here's a sample of what's on tap.

National chair Nicolas Sarwark will be our first speaker. The topic of his address will be “Show Up, Be Nice, Win.” Born in 1979, Nicholas is an unabashed, second generation Libertarian with a strong commitment to fighting on the party’s behalf against unfair ballot access obstacles and exclusion of qualified candidates from public debates.

Two panel discussions are also scheduled. The first, “Winning Elections in North Carolina,” will include: Rachel Mills, campaign manager for Sean Haugh's U.S. Senate campaign; Jason Joyner, campaign manager for Wesley Casteen's 7th Congressional District race; Jonathan David Baird, a Burke County soil and water conservation district supervisor, and others TBA.

The second panel discussion is entitled “Libertarians Everywhere,” and will feature representatives from the Democratic Libertarian Caucus (yes, they do exist), the Republican Liberty Caucus, and the LPNC.

UPDATE: The second panel will feature speakers from potential "issue allies," including Grass Roots NC, the ACLU, Stop NC Torture, the Republican Liberty Caucus, and Moore Tea Citizens.

Finally, John Davis, a North Carolina political analyst and author of the John Davis Political Report, will be the keynote speaker at Saturday's banquet. He's an authority on evaluating candidates, with a 92 percent forecast accuracy of nearly 1,500 races since the 2000 election. Campaigns & Elections magazine honored Davis as one of North Carolina's Top 10 "Political Influencers" in 2012.


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