Liberty at Lake Lure in 10 Days

The Libertarian Party of North Carolina State Convention is 10 days away. It will be held Aug. 11 to 13 at the historic Lake Lure Inn and Spa, Lake Lure, NC. The business session will convene at 8:30 Aug. 12. 

"This convention promises to be our most successful ever," said Brian Irving, state chair.  "We've booked 59 of the 72 rooms at the Inn, and all the other room may be booked as well." There may be accommodations nearby, you have to act fast and book your room today, he said.

Any party member who shows up, however, will be able to attend the convention business sessions and some other events. 

“The 2018 election in North Carolina will present a unique opportunity for Libertarians,” noted Brian Irving, state chair. “ It’s a once-in-a-blue-moon election, meaning there will be no top ticket races." 

“Our focus can be entirely on filling the ballot with candidates for the state General Assembly,” Irving said. To that end, convention talks and workshops will focus on organizing locally, forming county affiliates, and recruiting and training candidates and campaign staff. 

Larry Sharpe will talk on "Growing Local." Sharpe is a candidate for the Libertarian nomination for New York governor. He was runner-up for the Libertarian vice presidential nomination at the 2016 national convention. 

Sharpe is managing director of the Neo-Sage® Group, Inc., which provides training, coaching and consulting to many industries including finance, law, technology, media, and government. He has trained and coached hundreds of executives, entrepreneurs, leaders, and employees from dozens of organizations all over the world. 

Then Dena Espenscheid from The Leadership Institute will present an "Introduction to Campaign Management” workshop. This will cover the brass tacks of running a campaign from strategy through obtaining voter information from the board of elections to targeting the voters most likely to respond to the message of a Libertarian campaign, and how to effectively reach out to them. 

Convention business will include the election of the 13-member state executive committee, including the state chair and vice chair, and revision of the party’s bylaws. 

The 2017 Bylaws & Rules Committee final report is now available here. 

Consideration of this report will be the primary order of business at the state convention Saturday, Aug. 12 from 9:30 to noon. Thanks to everyone who submitted a comment or suggestion. If you have additional comments or want to propose an amendment, please submit it in writing and signed (email will suffice) to the secretary (with a copy to the chair) by the opening of the convention.


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