Political Activism and Voting

OPINION By Susan Hogarth
Region 5 Representative to the Libertarian National Committee

For my Libertarian peeps stressing about how best to 'strategize' their vote:

Don't sweat it.

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Covid19 Policy and the Libertarian Party

by Phil Jacobson

The Libertarian Party of North Carolina (LPNC) has gone on record as opposing government mandates regarding “passports” for Covid-19 vaccinations. The LPNC also opposes government mandates regarding the use of masks or other government mandates on this topic. It may seem, therefore, that LPNC opposes the use of these methods. That is by no means the case. It may also seem that libertarians are totally united on these points. That is also not the case.

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What Should Government Do During A Pandemic?

by Bruce Basson

The question of what government does to protect our rights during a pandemic is likely to come up again and again as world population increases and pandemics become more common.

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Sexism and Sexual Harassment

In every large organization, there will be good and bad actors. Libertarians are not immune to this, despite our emphasis on the equal rights and dignity of all people. There will be those who support the cause of Liberty who act in good faith, and those who will use it to act in their own self-interest.

For too long, it has been widely accepted that sexism and sexual harassment are an inherent part of the culture in politics and, in the spirit of unity, the problem is often ignored and even excused.

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