Haugh Is In A Debate!

Libertarian Sean Haugh will participate in a U.S. Senate debate with Sen. Kay Hagan and state House Speaker Thom Tillis Thursday, Oct. 9 in Wilmington. It will be aired on WECT TV 6 at 7 p.m.

"Sean and I are pinching ourselves! He is actually going to be onstage less than a week from today, debating Hagan and Tillis," reports Rachel Mills, Haugh's campaign manager.

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Free the Vote Sponsors All-Inclusive US Senate Debate

Free the Vote North Carolina and the Young Americans for Liberty at UNC Charlotte are sponsoring North Carolina’s only all-inclusive U.S. Senate candidates debate on Friday, Oct. 17 in McKnight Hall on the UNC Charlotte campus at 7 p.m. 

All the candidates whose name will appear on the ballot, as well as those who have qualified to have their write-in votes counted, have been invited. 

“With most debates this election cycle excluding at least one qualified candidate, Free the Vote NC felt it was necessary to provide the voters of North Carolina with a real debate where the voters are not shown who to vote for, but to let the voters make the decision for themselves,” said Jordon Greene, Free the Vote founder and president. 

The debate will be also be sponsored by the Carolina Liberty PAC, and CAUTION (the activists arm of Charlotte TEA Party). 

Candidates who have been invited include: Democrat Kay Hagan, Republican Thom Tillis and Libertarian Sean Haugh, whose names will all appear on the ballot. In addition, Free the Vote has invited the certified write-in candidates: Barry Gurney, John Rhodes, and David Waddell

Sponsoring an all-inclusive debate is in keeping with the mission of Free the Vote North Carolina, which is to eliminate eliminating barriers to participation in the electoral process. This event will help give voters the information they need to vote for the person of their choice without the debate holders making that choice for them. 

The debate will be aired live online. More information will be available closer to the date.

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Casteen Renews Debate Invitation to Rouzer

Wesley Casteen continues to have a conversation with voters about important issues facing Southeastern North Carolina. Wesley discusses why the voters in the 7th District deserve to have a televised debate, although Republican candidates David Rouzer has refused to participate.  

Voters deserve an opportunity to hear what the candidates have to say, and those voters need to know that candidates are truly listening.
This fall, the 7th District has an opportunity to send to Congress a citizen who is not a product of Washington DC advertising firms or political pollsters who are paid to tell candidates what to think.  Wesley is one of us.  He grew up in the 7th District, he works and lives in the 7th District, and he will be our voice in Washington.  
Forget the political party or ideological labels.  It’s time that we had a conversation in the 7th District, a real and honest conversation. 
Watch this ad, share it with your friends and neighbors, visit our website at Casteen.org and let's get the conversation started today.  

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The LPNC Strategic Plan: People. not Politics

The LPNC Executive Committee has finalized the LPNC's 2020 Strategic Plan, defining our strategies, goals and objectives, and setting strategic priorities.

In adopting the plan, LPNC Chair J.J. Summerell noted that it will always be “A work in progress.” “Unlike the U.S. Constitution,” he quipped, “it is a 'living document.”

“The future is unknowable,” said Ken Penkowski, Strategic Planning Committee chair. “There will be specific challenges and opportunities that simply cannot be predicted by this or any other committee in developing general courses of action for the future. This does not invalidate this effort or these results.”

The plan includes a statement of the vision and mission of the LPNC.

Our vision is:

A free, peaceful and prosperous North Carolina where every individual has the opportunity to pursue their unique vision of a rewarding and enriching life.

The LPNC mission is to: Leverage our political influence at the state and local levels to promote candidates and policy consistent with our platform.

The plan also identifies four strategic priorities:

  1. Fundraising
  2. Policy Influence and Election Support
  3. Constituency Development
  4. Administration

Read the full plan here.

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