Libertarian Response to 2015 State of the Union

President Barack Obama made it clear in his State of the Union address Tuesday that his goal remains the same: make Big Government even bigger.

Libertarian National Committee Vice Chair Arvin Vohra responded in a video.

The president wants to extend federal spending for education by offering "free" community college to students. "But federal intervention has driven up the price of higher education," Vohra said.

The president wants to increase the minimum wage. But this "will destroy one of the most important forms of education in this country," Vohra noted. "Many young people develop responsibility and marketable skills in entry-level, minimum-wage jobs. Those skills make workers more attractive to future employers."

"Mr. President, over the last weeks you have repeatedly argued that Americans should be able to go online without risking their privacy," Vohra observed. "But your words, Mr. President, don’t match your actions. You have funded and enabled the surveillance state."

Several Cato Institute also responded to the president's annual address.


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