LPNC remembers Beau Meredith

William “Beau” Meredith was the Libertarian candidate to represent District 49, which includes Asheville and northern Buncombe County, in the North Carolina State Senate. On July 28, he lost his life in an automobile accident in Colorado. He was 49.

The Libertarian Party of North Carolina is joined in sorrow at Beau’s passing and offers its respects to his family. To honor him, we share this reminiscence from his longtime friend and fellow party member Bernard Baruch Carman.

William Beau Meredith

June 17, 1969 – July 28, 2018

William, or “Beau” as he was commonly called by his friends, was in a horrible automobile wreck on July 28 that claimed his life at the young age of 49.

News of this tragedy came as a shock to all his friends, and of course the brunt was felt by his mother, Linda, who received the phone call that morning from the authorities. His family held a private reception in Charlotte, and a memorial included the spreading of Beau’s ashes here in the WNC mountains that he loved so much—the place he resided and called “home” for the majority of his adult life.


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Occupational Licenses Stifle Your Right to Work

Libertarian Party of Wake County Press Release

North Carolina requires licenses for almost 200 occupations, including such rarely licensed professions as floor sanders, sign language interpreters, locksmiths, and even... chick dealers. “Why,” asks Travis Groo, Libertarian candidate for state House 11, “what’s a chick dealer?”

The General Assembly wants you to believe these licenses keep us safe, said Groo. “That’s not true,” he asserts. “James Madison wrote that government can never be just, and property can never be safe, if ‘arbitrary restrictions, exemptions, and monopolies deny to part of its citizens the free use of their faculties and free choice of their occupations.’”

“You have the right to work and earn an income without burdensome restrictions on your profession of choice, and I value your right to keep 100% of the fruits of that labor,” he said. “Help me get elected and I will work to eliminate every unjust, unnecessary state licensing requirement that really just needs to go away.”

“Vote like your freedom depends on it.” Vote People. not Politics.


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Now taking applications!

We are excited to be accepting applications for the temporary, paid position of Public Relations Coordinator! Qualified applicants will be able to successfully increase campaign visibility, secure candidate interviews, and draw statewide attention to our most competitive and unique races. Applicants should also be prepared to share their knowledge with volunteers to help ensure the LPNC’s continued progress in presenting and promoting superior political candidates.

The position will likely require a commitment of 10-20 hours weekly and will last until the end of the election cycle. If this sounds like the job for you, email your resume to [email protected]. Resumes will be accepted until Friday, 9-14-2018, at midnight.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Why We Must Defrost ICE

By Jeff Scott
Libertarian for Congress District 9

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, known as ICE, enforces immigration laws inside the country. It was established in 2003 under the Department of Homeland Security. The federal government deported illegal immigrants before that, but it was done under the federal Department of Justice.

Over time, taxpayers have had to foot the bill for this wave of deportation in the wake of 9/11. The immigration enforcement budget has grown since then and exceeds the budgets of all federal criminal law enforcement agencies combined. 
We can maintain the ability to deport serious criminals and national security threats without ICE.

I am the only candidate for Congress in District 9 who proposes to eliminate ICE and end the aggressive and unconstitutional tactics they employ.

It’s hard for the average voter to consider what actual threats we face. Not every violation of immigration law is a criminal offense. Our intolerance of civil violations has increased. Yet, there is no evidence the immigrant population is committing crimes at a greater rate than the general population.

The fear of immigrants is out of proportion to the facts. We know that the U.S. has the largest per capita incarceration rate in the world. It’s fair to ask if our country is seeking to blame groups like immigrants for the ills of our society.

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