Haugh: Militarization of Police Made Ferguson Inevitable

by Rachel Mills

Sean Haugh, Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate,  just released a new video with his thoughts on the events in Ferguson and the militarization of police. It's a very troubling trend and we need to be aware of what's happening all over the country.

Any town could turn into Ferguson in a moment, really. Some 400 police departments in North Carolina alone have military equipment from the same Pentagon program that has turned Ferguson into a war zone.

Please watch and share.

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Fewer Ethics Rules, More Ethical People

by Brian Irving

Gov. Pat McCroy’s claim that he made an honest mistake by not listing his Duke Energy stock ownership on the ethics form the state requires him to file does not pass the smell test. The governor claimed that he, and his attorney, “misread” the 11 page disclosure form.

In that case, I suggest the governor get a new lawyer who can understand plain English. In Section I, page 2, the form (check it here on the News & observer website) clearly asks for information “as of December 31.”

It’s ironic that the same politicians who create these long-winded and incomprehensible forms themselves always claim they don’t understand them when caught making a mistake.  If our elected leaders don’t understand the rules they enacting, perhaps they should rethink the rules?

The governor may have made a honest mistake. And this may only be a minor issue. After all, McCrory’s connection to Duke Energy is no great secret.

What North Carolina aren't more rules and bureaucratic barriers to deter and prevent ordinary citizens form running for office. What we need are fewer rules, and less bureaucracy so that the average man or woman can run for office without having to open up every aspect of his or her private life to government scrutiny.

We don’t need more ethics rules, but more ethical people. At least, that's my opinion.

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Henderson Libertarians Rally for Liberty

Henderson Libertarians held their first county convention since reorganizing and the event was covered by the local media. “The Libertarian movement is growing everywhere,” said Shelby Mood, candidate for state House District 117. 

Mood is facing the usual uphill battle against the establishment parties, lack of name recognition and funding. He plans to meet this challenge by reaching out to groups on both the left and right, emphasizing their common ground with libertarians.

For example, he'll talk to to local tea party groups about Second Amendment rights and taxes, and to liberals and progressives about protecting civil liberties and legalizing marijuana.

Read more here and here.

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Bylaws Committee Seeking Ideas

The LPNC Bylaws & Convention Rules Committee is now soliciting ideas to consider for presentation to the 2015 LPNC State Convention. Please send your ideas to Brian Irving, committee chair. 

You can also follow deliberations by joining the Bylaws Committee Yahoo Group, or even joining the committee itself. Contact Irving you are interested in being on the committee.

Here is a partial list of some ideas the committee will be discussing:

  1. Combining the roles of Membership and Recording Secretary (Article IV, Section 4 & 5)
  2. Making the platform & bylaws committees standing (permanent) committees (Article VIII)
  3. Redefining roles and duties of officers. (Article IV)
  4. Redefining the roles and duties of the Executive Committee, including appointed directors. (Article V)
  5. Reordering the Convention Order of Business.
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