A Vision for the Libertarian Party

Although it's difficult for many libertarian to accept, in order to win elections we need to win the votes of non-libertarians. And in order to do that, we must demonstrate to them that we can govern effectively, even while reducing government.

by Joshua Katz

I'm bothered by the fact that too many of our votes come from our own members or other committed libertarians. In a time when libertarian sentiment is growing, the key is generating votes from those who are not committed libertarians, certainly not Libertarians, but have some libertarian sentiments.

Joshua KatzIf we smash the Republicans and Democrats together and call them Coke, then we are Pepsi, albeit the distances are wrong. Coke has, since the Coke/Pepsi challenge, consistently advertised with things irrelevant to Coke - dancing, singing, a Coke lifestyle, etc. Pepsi has continually claimed to taste better. I happen to think Pepsi does taste better. The Libertarian Party, like Pepsi, expects the superiority of our policies to stand on its own. This is not the way the world works.

What can Libertarians do to enhance their competitiveness and to get non-base votes? In a word - credibility. We, as a group and as individual candidates, must give voters reason to believe that Libertarians will govern effectively and achieve what we say we will do. If the LP were, in some manner, put in charge of a town council tomorrow, is it likely that the town would immediately become a libertarian paradise? I suspect that such a town would be more libertarian on average than most, but not as libertarian as we would like it to be, unless we seriously study governance first.

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If the State is Going to Kill People, It Must Be Open About It

by Brian Irving
LPNC Vice Chair

It's becoming standard operating procedure for the Republican-controlled legislature to ram bills through with little public notice or debate. Their latest exercise in oligarchical power is House Bill 774, with the factious title Restore Proper Justice Act. 

The bill removes safeguards, removes requirements for public rule-making processes, allows for the state to withhold basic information about the execution drugs and protocols, and no longer requires doctors to be present. This will make it more likely executions will be botched, as has happened in other states. 

North Carolina is not a democracy. It's not even a republic. It is becoming an oligarchy, and not a very good one at that. 

Rep. Leo Daughtry says the bill is not about the death penalty. He's right. But it is about government integrity, transparency and openness. It is about the people's right to know. 

Even if you believe in state-sanctioned executions, it is a dangerous activity. Secrecy further increases the risk by hiding from the public information critical to ensuring an execution is carried out properly. Executing a person is one of the most serious actions the state can take. The process should be open and transparent. No government program should operate in secret. 

The Libertarian Party of North Carolina believes state-sanctioned revenge never serves the cause of justice and therefore opposes execution of prisoners.

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Multiply the Libertarian Message

LPNC-PartyComparo-front_panel.pngSupport the LPNC Outreach Library 

Introducing North Carolinians to the Libertarian Party is a critical part of building support for our 2016 candidates. That work starts now with outreach efforts at major events throughout the state. At these events, we give away materials that introduce our party and our position on important issues. But the library of materials we use to do this is running critically low. 

Our goal is to put the Libertarian Party message in the hands of nearly 12,000 North Carolinians at major events between now and the 2016 election. Your donation to this effort can make a big difference in how our candidates perform next year.

This is one of the pieces we want to put in their hands, created by Ken Penkowski, an at large member of the executive committee. 

The LPNC Outreach Library will include our position on everything from the right to marry to the right to carry!

For $100, you can help us put information in the hands of over 250 North Carolinians at events like the North Carolina State Fair, Fiesta del Pueblo and (something out West.) For a $20 donation, you can help us share the libertarian message with 50 North Carolinians.

Go here to support the LPNC Outreach Library.

You can make a difference from the mountains to the coast. You can do your part to change our state’s direction toward freedom. Today is the day that we continue the fight for liberty in North Carolina.

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Racial Healing Too Important to Trust to Politicians

by John Evans

I am going to try to say something useful about the cold and calculated murder of those nine saintly Christians in Charleston, S.C. First, let us listen to the testimony of the family members who forgave the killer. These people are serious Christians. They opened their door to God and were compelled by the love they found there to welcome a stranger into their midst.

John_Evans.pngThe young man who killed them had second thoughts because of the love and hospitality they showed him. For an hour, he listened to the offer of a better way of life. In the end, he chose poorly. He had hoped to ignite a race war. He has misjudged. Charleston is not Baghdad. Those good people proved him wrong by rising up in a mighty wave of love, dignity and respect. Twenty thousand marched to help wash away the malodorous stain of that day.

What now? What about the future of our country, our culture and our hearts?

I believe that we white folks need to be braver than we have in the past. I believe that we must accept a painful truth -- deep inside, many of our black neighbors do not feel able to trust us much, and I don't blame them.

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