2017 Municipal Elections

If you haven’t been to your polling place yet, I hope you still have time to have a say in your municipal elections. These odd-year elections are ballots where one vote can be loudly heard. You likely won’t have a Libertarian on your ballot, but it’s still important to go vote against raising taxes and government spending.

The Libertarians who are on the ballot today in North Carolina include:


  • The Rev. John T. Brantley—Princeton City Council
  • Walt Rabon—Four Oaks Town Commissioner At-Large
    • Walt’s campaign has been about "saying NO to the YES MEN". He advocates for limited government that does things the right way without spending a lot of money. 
  • Steve DiFiore—Charlotte City Council At-Large
    • Steven believes that a third party choice can help build a bridge across the partisan divide so we can get a local government that works for all of us.
  • Jeff Scott—Charlotte City Council District 6
    • Jeff is providing an alternative option for third party and independent voters who are looking for a candidate they can truly support. He is steering the debate toward a focus for critical basic functions of local government and helping cut the knot of partisan corruption and incivility.
  • Christopher M. Nance—Carthage Town Commissioner
    • Christopher hopes to bridge the gap between local leaders and citizens in order to encourage smart economic and social growth that benefits all of Carthage.
  • Also, Olen Watson ran a great race for Raleigh City Council (the election was in October) that engaged many different parts of the southeast Raleigh community - bridge-building that will be vital for future efforts. 

Whatever the outcome, these candidates have done a great job connecting with their communities. The LPNC needs to capitalize on these efforts in 2018 by offering as many candidates - especially for the general assembly - as possible. If you are motivated to work with the support of your local and state Libertarian Party to make a real change for freedom in your community, please contact our Political Director, Sarah Brady Wagner, at [email protected]. We need candidates of all different commitment levels; you will be supported and mentored through your entire campaign. 

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