2016 Convention

Celebrate the LPNC at 40

You are cordially invited to the 40th birthday party of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina. Our annual state convention will be held April 22-24 2016 in Raleigh at the Holiday Inn Crabtree Valley Mall.

orange-register-button-final.pngThe LPNC ran our first candidate for governor, Arlan Andrews, in 1976. Arlan, now a renowned futurist and science fiction writer, will be our guest of honor this year. We're also inviting as many of our "founders" as we can find and they, along with Arlan, will talk about the formation of the LPNC back in the 1970s and our ultimately successful struggles to attain ballot access in North Carolina. 

But mostly we'll be looking forward to how we can achieve our vision of a free, peaceful, and prosperous North Carolina where every individual has the opportunity to pursue his or her unique vision of a rewarding and enriching life. 

Come and learn how you can help the fastest-growing party in North Carolina leverage our political influence at the state and local levels to promote candidates and policies consistent with our platform and improve life for you and your fellow citizens. If you’re just starting out, there will be a seminar about forming and/or running a county affiliate party…and if you are experienced and have the time and inclination to get seriously involved, there are a couple of open seats on the executive committee that will be filled at this meeting.

Or if you’re just curious and want to learn more, perfect! You can meet and interact with the LPNC candidates for U.S. Senator, governor, lieutenant governor, General Assembly, and local offices. We also expect to have several candidates seeking the Libertarian nomination for President at our forum on Saturday afternoon…come and ask your own question!

We will also be conducting business during the convention. We will consider revisions to our platform; you can follow or comment on the work of the platform committee here. And we will also elect delegates to the Libertarian National Convention, to be held in Orlando May 27-30, as well as Presidential Electors and alternates, who will have the duty of awarding North Carolina’s electoral votes should our Libertarian candidates for President and Vice President win election here in November.

And, of course, there will lots of opportunity to party…we take that part of our name seriously!

Check out the details of the program below.

Hotel Reservations

Holiday Inn Crabtree Valley Mall, 4100 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh (site of the Convention)
Room Rate $99 per night (with breakfast)—SOLD OUT 


Candlewood Suites Raleigh Crabtree
Room Rate $119* per night (suites with one Queen-sized bed)

Call (919) 789-4840 and identify yourself as a Libertarian Party member.

*Note—we regret that we did not provide sufficient $99 rooms at the Holiday Inn; there were supposed to be more but unanticipated renovation-related delays cut down the number of rooms available. If you budgeted for the $99 rate and it would be a hardship to attend without it, upon request the LPNC will provide a $20 or $40 rebate on Gala Convention Pass or Full Convention Pass tickets for attendees who stay one or two nights respectively at Candlewood Suites. Inquire at the Convention check-in desk. (Limit one rebate per room.)

Convention Registration Information

Please pre-register to facilitate credentialing. You must pre-register by no later than Monday, April 18th if you want to attend the Gala Banquet (or order a box lunch for Saturday). Those options will not be available online after midnight April 18th.

Gala Banquet choices include chicken or shrimp or vegetarian ravioli. Entrées include salad, sides, and a piece of our 40th Birthday cake.

Attendance at the business sessions for LPNC members is free. This includes elections, considerations of platform changes, et cetera. We're asking a $5 donation for registration simply because the Nationbuilder platform requires us to collect some money in order to use the registration system. This is refundable upon request at the convention

Business Pass holders are not entitled to attend any events except the post-Gala speech and the Liberty Lunch & Learn.

Student Pass. High school, college, and graduate students are eligible. If you can do so, please invest in the future of liberty by purchasing an extra Student Pass or passes. We'll award them on a first come, first served basis to scholarship students.


Friday, April 22

7:00 pm—Friends & Family Meet & Greet (’til whenever)

Saturday, April 23

8:00 am—Registration Opens

8:30 am—Welcome. Brian Lewis, Convention Committee Chair

8:35 am—Business Session Call to Order. J.J. Summerell, LPNC Chair

Secretary’s Report
Adoption of Agenda
Reading of Resolutions
         Resolution to Repeal House Bill 2

9:00 am—State of the LPNC. J.J. Summerell, LPNC Chair

9:15 am—The Libertarian Party: Where We Are, Where We Are Going. Dr. Jim Lark, LNC Regional Representative

9:45 am—Break

10:00 am—Business Session: Platform Committee Report. Susan Hogarth, Platform Committee co-chair

Note: The entire Platform Committee Report will be conducted in one session, including amendments from the floor. The committee has been working on a completely revised and rewritten platform. Read the almost final draft here.

11:30 am—GOTV (Get Out the Vote). Erick Raudsep

Noon—Recess for lunch

12:15 pm—Let's Get Radical. Let's Get Organized: Starting a county affiliate. Brian Irving, Jeremy Hussey, and Windy McKinney

Overview of the LPNC, the what, why, and how of a county affiliate party, starting and growing one, how the LPNC can help. Note: for those attending, consider purchasing a Saturday Boxed Lunch (see convention registration options below) which you can quickly pick up at noon and then eat during the presentation.

1:00 pm—1976 to Now: Origin and History of the LPNC. Panel discussion

Arlan Andrews, Bobby Emory, Sean Haugh, Barbara Howe, Phil Jacobson, Mike Munger, and Carl Wagle discuss the formation of the party, the early campaigns, the ballot access battles, and ultimate electoral success in 2008. 

2:00 pm—Presidential Candidates Forum. Moderated by Brian Irving

Following brief opening statements, candidates will respond to questions from the moderator and audience. Audience questions may be submitted in advance, via email and Twitter, in writing during the forum or asked live.

UPDATE: Scheduled to participate: Gary Johnson, Kevin McCormick, Darryl Perry, Derrick Reid, Shawana Sterling, and Keenan Dunham. William Coley, a candidate for the LP vice presidential nomination, will also take part.

3:00 pm—Break

3:15 pm—Libertarianism and the African-American Community. Panel discussion with Corey Fauconier and Buddy Ferebee, moderated by J.J. Summerell

4:00 pm—Lend Me Your Ears

Representatives from several potential issue allies will offer ideas on how we and they can work together. 

  • Dennis Burns, Common Cause: Voting Challenges in 2016
  • Erik Wilson, Republican Liberty Caucus: Toward a Liberty Legislative Caucus
  • Wayne Turner, NC Green Party: Ballot Access Petition
  • Miriam Chu, Moore County Tea Party: Shingle vs. Foundation Issues

5:30 pm—Convention Recesses

6:30 pm—Gala Banquet

7:30 pm—2056: A Libertarian Future…Science Fiction or Reality? Keynote Speech by Arlan Andrews; open to all

That the future belongs to tech is accepted fact. But today's political environment, corrupt and restrictive, fosters resistance to all such change, particularly that which reduces government controls.

Not beholden to established political institutions and their donor class, only libertarians can best accommodate tech's accelerating change, by welcoming and incorporating that change into political, economic, and social activities. 

Libertarian principles of individual responsibility are also best suited to protect the public interests of privacy, accountability, and voluntary disengagement (i.e., getting off the grid and the IoT).

Libertarian ideals and science fictional thinking—beyond the box, outside the rules—stimulate creativity and entrepreneurship, which are the foundations of Silicon Valley. Libertarians are typically very SFnal in their reading and entertainment choices, and many came to the LP through reading Robert Heinlein and others. So, likewise, have many in Silicon Valley.

This means that libertarian principles are a very good fit with the ongoing revolutions that Silicon Valley generates constantly, and easily accommodate that culture of creativity, inventiveness, forward thinking, individual liberty, and resistance to further governmental regulation and intrusion.

It is the task of young libertarians to fully effect this natural union and thus smooth our way into the future.

8:30 pm—After Party with your favorite libertarians

Sunday, April 24

8:30 am—Registration Open

9:00 am—North Carolina Candidate Stump Speeches 

  • Sean Haugh, US Senate
  • Lon Cecil, Governor
  • J.J. Summerell, Lt. Governor
  • Brad Hessel, NC Senate 15
  • Susan Hogarth, NC Senate 17
  • Barbara Howe, NC Senate 20
  • Chris Cole, NC Senate 41
  • Nic Haag, NC Senate 44 
  • William Meredith, NC Senate 49
  • Brian Lewis, NC House 11
  • Brian Irving, NC House 36
  • Robert Rose, NC House 37
  • Olen Watson III, NC House 38
  • Tom Howell, NC House 46
  • David Ulmer, NC House 49
  • Randy Crow, Bladen County Commissioner
  • Mark Alan Lyerly, Rowan County Commissioner

10:00 am—Convention ReconvenesBusiness Session

Secretary's Report
Election to fill Vacant Executive Committee positions (2 at large seats)
Election of Delegates to the Libertarian Party National Convention (29 delegates, 29 alternates)
Election of Presidential Electors, (15 electors, 15 first alternates, and 15 second alternates)
Other Business

Noon—Convention Adjourns

The LPNC Executive Committee will meet 30 minutes after the convention adjourns.


LPNC Convention Rules

LPNC Platform

Democratic Rules of Order
Download abridged version (PDF). Please note that we do not use Robert's Rules of Order. 

Convention Registration 

April 22, 2016 at 7:00pm - April 24, 2016
Holiday Inn Crabtree Valley Mall
4100 Glenwood Ave
Raleigh, NC 27612
United States
Google map and directions
Brian Lewis · · (919) 283-5295

Will you come?

$110.00 -- Gala Convention Pass (Shrimp)
Access to all events
$110.00 -- Gala Convention Pass (Ravioli/veggie)
Access to all events
$110.00 -- Gala Convention Pass (Chicken)
Access to all events
$80.00 -- Full Convention Pass
Access to all events except Gala Banquet
$35.00 -- Gala Banquet (Shrimp)
Access to Gala Banquet only
$35.00 -- Gala Banquet (Chicken)
Access to Gala Banquet only
$35.00 -- Gala Banquet (Ravioli/veggie)
Access to Gala Banquet only
$25.00 -- Full Convention Pass/Student
Access to all events except Gala Banquet
$19.00 -- Saturday Boxed Lunch—Tuna Salad
For anyone who prefers not to leave the hotel
$19.00 -- Saturday Boxed Lunch—Roast Beef w/Smoked Gouda
For anyone who prefers not to leave the hotel
$19.00 -- Saturday Boxed Lunch—Veggies w/Hummus & Cheddar
For anyone who prefers not to leave the hotel
$5.00 -- Convention Business Pass 2016
Access to business sessions & post-Gala speech

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