Tar Heel Libertarian - April 2023

Volume 3, Issue 7 | April 2023

"Conservatives want to be your daddy, telling you what to do and what not to do. Liberals want to be your mommy, feeding you, tucking you in, and wiping your nose. Libertarians want to treat you as an adult." ― David Boaz

Editor's Note: We are trying a new design this month. We have included links to the full newsletter online and in PDF, as well as each individual article, all of which can be found on our website at the links below. All prior issues are also posted there now. Please let us know if you have any feedback, suggestions, criticisms, or if you would like to contribute!

In this Issue...

In our April 2023 issue, the Tar Heel calls on all Liberty lovers to get to work! We highlight successes we had, because of you, with the pistol purchase permit repeal. We explore other areas ripe for positive change, including the ABC monopoly. We review the antiwar rally, and we ask for people around the state to get involved with affiliates, where you can connect and socialize with others who share your passion and principles. We have other volunteer opportunities highlighted, and a whole lot more. Enjoy!


From the Chair

Monthly message from the Chair of your Libertarian Party of North Carolina Executive Committee.

Featured Articles

Timely ruminations, calls to action, extraordinary insights, and so much more in the articles featured in this month's Tar Heel Libertarian.

LP in NC

Members of your LPNC are doing big things around the state, and we capture it all right here. This month we are sharing Wake County Chair Travis Groo's OpEd on an overlooked health care bill, and Mike Ross' Governor campaign getting coverage in broader media.

Meet the New Executive Committee

Get inside access to the personalities, plans, and insights of the people you elected to steward the state party for the next two years. This month we chat with Secretary and superwoman Dee Watson.

Candidate Spotlight

Every political party needs candidates! Come meet ours. Today we chat with Mike Ross, who announced his campaign for NC governor last month.  

Chair Chats

Each month, the Tar Heel sits down with the Chair of a county affiliate. We discuss our personal stories, humble Libertarian roots, the latest developments in that county, and what we can expect in the future. In April, we talked to new Mecklenburg Chair, though an long-time Liberty warrior, Steven DiFiore

Book Review

Who says Libertarians aren't cultured? This month, Eric Rowell reviews the all-time classic, The Law, by Bastiat

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