Tar Heel Libertarian - April 2024

Volume 3, Issue 18 | April 2024

"I hold it to be the inalienable right of anybody to go to hell in his own way." -Robert Frost

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From the Chair

Much of North Carolina took a few hours early this month to watch the solar eclipse that crossed a significant portion of our state. It served as a powerful reminder that there is beauty and wonder out there, and the best lives we can lead are those where we are free to explore the world in the way best suited to each of us. 

We preach a principled philosophy. It is wide ranging in policy interpretations, but laser focused in its underlying requirement. You can do as you see fit provided you don't hurt other people or take their property without consent. 

Elements of the NAP are fun to debate philosophically, and we all know how much Libertarians love to debate endlessly over the punctilious details of what makes us different from the other parties. At our core, though, we don't need to share values to share a common principle, and we can unite around that.

When we don't, we are faced with increasing aggression and intrusion by a state that leverages people's fear to get them to vote away their rights, often without them realizing what they are doing. We have voters supporting congressional reps in our own state who voted that the federal government can spy on you without a warrant. We have reps who want to lock people in cages for using a plant in their own homes. We have reps who want to criminalize who you love, where you work, how you stay warm, and how you defend yourself. 

As always, there are so many ways to stand up and push back against this relentless onslaught of state overreach. We have national convention late next month, and we are happy to be sending a full contingent of delegates and then some. We have an extraordinary group of candidates, all of whom could use your support. We have open positions in the LPNC, and we can use your time, whether its an hour a week or a hundred.

Even seemingly small acts, in representing the party well and promoting our ideas with messaging that resonates with a people who are tired of fighting with each other and having its rights trampled all over by elected officials who care only for the demands of their donor and lobbyist backers. 

After you read this, my challenge to you is to find one thing, big or small, that you can do to advance Liberty. Then do the same the next day, and so on. Soon, it will become second nature, and you will become part of the resistance that will never back down. 

-Ryan Brown, LPNC Chair

OpEd: Enforcing Victimless Crime Laws Leads to Victims

by Rob Yates
LPNC Communications Director

The shootout in Charlotte between the police and a desperate individual never had to happen. 

Yesterday, a nightmare scenario unfolded in Charlotte. Alerts were flooding people's phone and news stations were cutting into programming to follow the shootout that took place over nearly half the day. 

According to the latest reports, three federal Marshalls went to the home of Terry Clark Hughes Jr. to serve an outstanding warrant. Apparently, Hughes had previously been convicted and gone to jail on a breaking and entering conviction, but he had served his time successfully, and all his subsequent alleged offenses which initiated the warrant that led to the tragic deaths were for drugs, evading police, and possession of firearms. All of these things are victimless crimes.

Now I understand that these are, for sure, crimes under the law. Regardless of my personal feelings on the matter, I get that the police were following laws that many see to be reasonable. While at this time there do not appear to be any allegations that Hughes had engaged in violence against a person prior to yesterday, he had certainly committed violence against property, and there is a case that he should not be allowed to possess a firearm because of that, though I disagree with that perspective.

Without question, violent crime is a problem. While overall crime rates appear to be declining, and have been since 1991, there have been recent significant spikes in crime, especially violent crime. Even those appear to be back on the decline in much of North Carolina, although Charlotte is an exception.

This is not lost on the residents of Charlotte, either. When I ran for mayor last election cycle, in talking to people around the city, their top issues were affordable housing, transportation, and public safety, the last a refrain I heard repeatedly, and reflected in answers given by other candidates about their top priorities.

The role of police in society should be to protect person and property from violent aggressors, and I would argue that it is responsible to assist law enforcement in pursuit of that goal, provided they are held accountable when they violate people's rights. Unfortunately, when law enforcement is asked to enforce laws that exist solely to perpetuate a particular morality, bad things happen.

This is exactly what happened in Charlotte yesterday. Hughes had not committed, as far as we know, any subsequent offenses that would constitute acts of aggression against another's person or property. He was in possession of firearms. Unless they changed the Bill of Rights in the last few hours, I am fairly certain the Second Amendment reads "...the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

This is not an argument against gun control, though I should state I am unequivocally opposed to any attempt by the state to impede your right to defend yourself, whatsoever. Rather, I am making the point that five people woke up yesterday for the last time ever because the enforcement arm of the state is obligated to enforce irrational and counterproductive laws.

One quick way to reduce crime is to stop making everything a crime based on personal moral preferences. You don't have to support people doing drugs to support people being able to put whatever they want into their own bodies. You don't have to be a gun person to support people's right to defend themselves. You don't have to believe in something to support other people's right to do it, provided they don't hurt others or take their stuff.

The sad fact is that yesterday's tragedy is a tragedy of our own making. That outcome was determined long ago. Hughes opened fire first, and immediate culpability for the deaths lies squarely at his feet. But the situation that created the shootout never had to happen.

If we really want to see public safety and criminal justice reform and improvement, we should start by getting every single victimless crime off the books (I will caveat that there is behavior so reckless that it ought to be potentially considered a crime even if no one is hurt, like firing a weapon into a crowd with wanton disregard). Today, the U.S. announced that is likely to reschedule marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III. This is absurd, as it still gives regulators and bureaucrats in some far away city the authority to deprive people of life and Liberty for ingesting a plant, even if no one gets hurt.

U.S. Congressional representatives from North Carolina introduced a bill to punish the Eastern Band of Cherokee for legalizing pot usage on their land. HB 189 189 continues to languish in legislative purgatory, as Republicans fail to act on making Constitutional Carry (as in legally carrying firearms as enshrined in our constitution) the law of North Carolina.

Understand this... neither political party has any interest in giving you back power or agency in your life. As entities, they are dedicated to consolidating their own, respective, power and enforcing the morality which they believe superior on the population they would claim to serve. Events like yesterday and the lives lost are collateral damage and photo ops for those politicians, and nothing more. They will issue vapid, meaningless statements, hold their moments of silence, maybe meet with a few families, and then move on, remembering the events only when it serves some purpose of theirs again.

This is a crucial year. For the first time in a long time, the cracks in the walled fortress the uniparty has erected are beginning to show. We have a chance to drive real, meaningful change, taking back some of our Liberty and helping create a more prosperous state. Events like yesterday should serve as a stark reminder of where things can go if we squander these chances.

Position Paper: Funding Foreign Wars and the Situation in Israel and Palestine

Adopted by the LPNC Executive Committee on April 22

written by Steve Feldman - candidate for U.S. Congress N.C. District 10, and Phil Jacobson - LPNC Judicial Committee and Messaging Committee

The Libertarian Party of North Carolina (LPNC) calls for the complete cessation of sending taxpayer funds to foreign governments.

We in the United States are blessed to live in a wealthy and relatively free nation. From time to time, there may be a direct benefit, perceived or real, to our country from sending funds to other countries. Such funding may be encouraged by the government, but should come from individual citizen choices, not from conscripted funds. As such, the LPNC opposes subsidies given to the government of the state of Israel which come from U.S. taxpayer funds.

In addition to financial subsidies, the U.S. government has given diplomatic support to the government of Israel. The policies of the Israeli government since its inception allow for violations of basic human rights, including forcing entire villages of non-Jewish Palestinian families from their homes. We call on the U.S. government and its institutions at all levels to withdraw diplomatic support for Israel’s mistreatment of Palestinian families. Further, we urge the U.S. government to remove all obstacles to its citizens which inhibit their capacity, as individuals or in association, to give aid and comfort to Palestinians working inside the standards of international law to reclaim their own basic human rights.

The LPNC condemns initiated force as a means of settling interpersonal disputes. As such, while we recognize the right of all people to self-defense, we condemn the application of collective punishment against innocent individuals simply on the basis of their kinship or other non-violent associations with those who do commit initiation of force. War is the most egregious act of humankind, where rich people ask poor people to kill each other for the benefit of those rich people. It results in death in droves, displacement, humanitarian crises, and long-standing aftereffects, and it often tempts some of its participants to commit war crimes. But association with a just cause is not justification for criminal acts.

In its attack on Israel, on October 7, 2023, Palestinians associated with Hamas assaulted people, killing many. Further, we recognize the anger, pain, and despair felt by so many Israeli citizens and people all around the world who can never support such outright malevolence. We acknowledge that Hamas still holds innocent civilians hostage, and we join the voices of those around the world calling for the immediate return of the hostages that Hamas took when it destroyed families and reigned terror in Israel. For this, those Hamas fighters and any Hamas leaders who encouraged such crimes should unquestionably be held accountable.

But such accountability does not justify certain reactions by Israeli military forces. We condemn war crimes committed by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) against civilians in Gaza as part of their response to Hamas. We recognize the anger, pain, and despair felt by so many Palestinians and people all around the world who can never support such outright malevolence. We further condemn the killing and other human rights violations committed by the IDF against the Palestinian people in the months, years, and decades preceding the October 7 attack, including keeping Palestinian families refugees from their homes, denial of representation in the government which exercises jurisdiction over them, indefinite detention without trial, and different treatment of Palestinians and Israelis under the law (apartheid).

Find the paper here on LPNC.org.

LP in NC

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Candidate Spotlight

The recent lawsuit against Sheetz has sparked a debate about how businesses handle hiring while keeping public safety in mind.

by: Shannon Bray - Libertarian Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

Wawa and Sheetz, two prominent convenience store chains in Pennsylvania, have been engaged in a long-standing rivalry. This competition is often referred to as the "Wawa vs. Sheetz" conflict, with both brands having a strong presence in different parts of the state. The conflict is characterized by their expansion strategies, with each company attempting to gain a larger market share.

The recent move by Wawa to expand into central Pennsylvania, traditionally considered Sheetz territory, has heightened the rivalry between the two companies. This expansion is part of Wawa's broader plan to open 40 stores in central Pennsylvania in the next five years, which marks a significant move into Sheetz's domain.

Additionally, the lawsuit filed by the EEOC against Sheetz alleging hiring discrimination has added another layer to the conflict between the two companies.

The lawsuit is pushing Sheetz to meet a specific goal regarding the rate at which different ethnic groups are rejected based on criminal backgrounds. This could lead to higher costs for Sheetz and damage its reputation for safety, possibly even putting it out of business. Some people suspect there are corporate interests at play here, wanting to buy out Sheetz - a private company - and drive down its value.

It's important to tackle discrimination, but we also need to understand that businesses need to make smart choices about who they hire. Background checks give them important information about job applicants.

However, automatically rejecting candidates based solely on their criminal records could make inequality worse and make it harder for people to move up economically. Sheetz and other companies should have the freedom to look at each applicant's situation individually, considering things like the type of offense, efforts to change, and how much time has passed since the incident.

The legal obligation being imposed on Sheetz is to devise a high-cost strategy that leads to a specific representative outcome. The EEOC wants to enforce a vague standard that leads to a specific result, namely, that each ethnic classification should have the same criminal background rejection rate.

The lawsuit’s imposition of an outcome is a thinly veiled effort to put the company out of business by raising its hiring costs or by creating a reputational risk regarding public safety in its stores or both. We can’t dismiss the possibility that there are corporate interests that want to buy Sheetz’s family run business and want to raise costs, harm its reputation and lower its ultimate sale price with the help of government regulators.

It is also an absurd overreach by regulators, finding discrimination where there is little basis in fact or objective observation to justify such a claim.

All job seekers, regardless of their background, have a fair chance to compete. Ultimately, our social goal should be to strike a harmonious balance—one that respects individual rights, promotes justice, and safeguards public safety.


100 Million Digital Souls for the Empire!

by: Gheorghe Cormos - candidate for U.S. Congress N.C. District 3

On January 24, 1972, the last Japanese soldier, still holding out from WWII, was found and brought in from his hideout in the hills of Guam. That in it of itself is eyebrow raising, how one man could be so disciplined to his warrior code. More interesting, however, was the documentary in which this gentleman explained his confusion, and perhaps dismay, upon returning to his home. He re-told that among citizens, the common greeting before he deployed was "100 million souls for the emperor," as it was the duty of every Patriot to give everything for the glory of Rome... I mean land of the Rising Sun.

Fast forward to April 16, 2024, and the headline reads "The House narrowly rejected a warrant requirement in a bill that reauthorizes FISA Section 702 for two years."A man can only help but wonder at this point, "Wheat else for the glory of the Empire my Liege?"

It would seem that our ever-concerned, jealous, and loving Big Brother still yet sees danger and peril from which we helpless souls must be protected. Not that the world is all sunshine and rainbows. Turn on any anxiety inducing news media and you'll be brought right up to speed. The issue is that the list of "asks" from our overlords seems to never end (i.e., "two weeks to flatten the curve," "Saddam has WMDs so we must invade," "If we don’t bailout the banks, life as we know will end," "inflation is transitory..."). While at the same time, the list of rights, quite literally and explicitly written and provided for in the Bill of Rights, seems to diminish and fade into the nothingness of history and time.

As I sat dismayed and perplexed at the results, I was encouraged by one thought, surely, this is a representative democracy, and my Representative, NC-3 Greg Murphy (R), will come riding in at the last minute to save the day. Afterall, we both live in a rather conservative and freedom loving district. Surely, the policies which I have heard his political team, the good 'ol GOP, would agree, that asking the government to respect constitutionally guaranteed rights, was in fact, not that big of an ask from the voting peasantry, I mean citizenry.

Yet as I sit and file my taxes during yet another glorious tax season; and as I pay my car property taxes to support the empire; and as my home insurance costs increase; and as my county tax assessors year-after-year congratulate me with my home’s rising taxable value; ….

I raise my gaze upon a distant land,
Form where all power and edicts go forth,
Out of curiosity really, nothing grand,
I witnessed my Rep., valiantly clothed,
Mount an impressive tactical advance to the rear
Where it was a vote ending in 212-212,
And literally one vote the other way would have brought to all a little cheer,
Twas as if on the wind it was brought to me,
The battle cry, purportedly on my behalf you see,
and I thought I heard a voice demand:
"What orders from Mordor my Lord? What does the Eye command?"

Greg Murphy hates your freedom.


As Principled Outsiders, We Have an Obligation to Settle Political Disagreements

by: Matthew Kordon - Candidate for NC House 11

I spoke with a Republican voter recently who believed that because Libertarians have won few state and federal elections, they accomplish nothing with their campaigns. I could list plenty of reasons why that is not true, but I have a novel argument you might not have heard: Libertarians have the capacity to be the ideal mediators of the political landscape, time and again.

Mediation can end decades of gridlock. Mediation by a neutral third party creates democratic and rhetorical pressure to move the dispute to a legalistic, rational, or at least voted on next step. It often puts parties on the path of agreement.

To understand why we have a de facto power to mediate, consider elections. Many NC races this year have a Libertarian, Republican, and Democrat. Whether fair or not, the general public and journalists think of our party as being squarely in between the duopoly. Thankfully, the public knows how independent and focused we are on the issues of liberty and equality, so they respect our unique vision for North Carolina. Our staying power causes us to loom large; some parties rise and fall like Icarus attempting to fly... but not us. A comment by a Libertarian on a dispute between the other two during, say, a debate shifts the weight of the conversation considerably. This might help explain why Libertarians are often said to win debates such as the one Mike Ross won by a landslide in February.

If we are not careful, this can backfire. Saying something contradicting, radical, or unpopular can have the effect of uniting our rivals against us. Worse still is if we forfeit the high ground by saying something dubious or disingenuous.

We hold this power even in races between one Republican and Democrat. If our state party puts out a press release, it has the potential to be seen by a faction of the left or right who agrees, and they can proudly tout it as evidence that their side is popular and logical whereas the other side is without unbiased company.

An example of this happening is my own race against my Republican opponent. Philip Hensley was debating two left-wing activists on the social media site X on April 9 for what was at least the second time. Responding to an expression of dislike for Christian practices as justification for not supporting Christian school vouchers, Hensley said:

At first his remarks were iffy; calling the person a "bigot" seemed to me like exaggeration. What BFB said in response was to point out that they would not side against other Jews, being Jewish. Admittedly, this helped retroactively vindicate Mr. Hensley for being critical of BFB, but what he then said was atrocious: "Exactly my point. Therefore you are Anti-Christian." The implication was that all Jews are bigoted towards Christians.

Disgusted, the other left-wing person screen-capped the exchange and declared Hensley to be an "antisemitic goon."

At best, Hensley's words were a Freudian slip that he only agreed with in the heat of the moment and blurted out awkwardly, and at worst, Mr. Hensley has an actual aversion to all Jewish people. This outcry got my attention so I shared the post and wrote:

Unbeknownst to me, what I reposted twisted the truth by making it look like Mr. Hensley was initially replying to something slightly different, further incriminating him. Spreading misinformation intentionally is deeply unethical and sinister, so MovingNCForward ought to be ashamed, but this is not about them. MNCF is not running for office, Hensley is.

You will notice that I called his remark "mildly" antisemitic and asked that he apologize, hinting to him that if he apologizes, it will restore his reputation to me and others. I saw it as giving him a way out of the situation, but this was also a test. If he didn't apologize, then he reveals himself to be not only antisemitic but also very stubborn. After all, how hard would it have been to say, "Fine. What I said was unintentionally in bad taste. I apologize to the Jewish community and want to return to the subject at hand"? Perhaps he thinks apologizing makes men look weak when instead it shows an ability to pause and exhibit reflection, empathy, and humility, traits necessary in leadership.

Instead, Hensley responded by exhibiting rotten character traits: fits of anger, mocking others, lying about me and more people, refusing to acknowledge any wrongdoing whatsoever, boasting about being able to outlast anyone in verbal argument, calling many different people "bigots" simply for disagreeing with him, refusing to help me clear his name out of spite, making fun of all Libertarians simply because he does not like me, and boasting that he gets more views on his posts than I do. Like Donald Trump, his strategy when someone points out a character flaw is to deny the character flaw and simultaneously flaunt bad behavior in their face to hide that he cares what they think of him.

Many left-wing users on X were overjoyed to see that I denounced his generalizations. It gave their view of him a seal of approval from someone of authority, doubly so when our state party backed my statement that his hate is unacceptable. Heck, the LPNC went further and suggested he drop out of the race (something Hensley had already demanded of me, which I laughed off).

So impressed were they of my conduct, that even though I handled the situation sternly, Biden-supporters spent the next few days saying nice things about me, clicking the heart button on my posts, and engaged me in earnest conversation in which they genuinely considered my Libertarian arguments! I cannot overstate what a huge, positive change that seemed to awaken in them. Although it feels too late to be an influence on Mr. Hensley, my conduct is winning the admiration of people on the other side. Perhaps as many as one hundred left-leaning residents of North Carolina have their opinion of Libertarians improved because of my actions.

Perhaps Representative Dahle was watching from the shadows and will likewise listen to my libertarian views with greater interest from now on, and, if she gets re-elected, perhaps she will be swayed on a few issues. I can tell Hensley will think twice before ever uttering something heinous publicly again, as he later deleted the antisemitic remarks to try to hide that he ever said them. It is not the apology I was hoping for on behalf of others, but it will do.

Three Ways to Raise Money for Your Political Cause

by Joshua D. Glawson
LPNC Strategic Communications Adviser

Learning how to raise money for a cause can be a major game changer, especially when it means a possible win for you, your team, and your political party. Without having proper funds, a win can be next to impossible, especially against well-funded opponents.

It is quite common that local groups would like to accomplish certain tasks, but feel that they are unable because of a lack of funds. With being a political party that has not yet seen large-scale wins across the state or country, I can only imagine that the Libertarian Party of North Carolina as well as the National Libertarian Party are usually in need of such funds.

According to The Almanac of American Philanthropy by Philanthropy Roundtable, around two-thirds of households across the country donate 4 percent of their annual gross income to a charitable cause.

There are a multitude of ways to raise money for your cause, chapter, state party, and the national party. In this article, I will provide 3 easy ways to raise money while building awareness for your cause, chapter, state party, and national party.

Cause-Based Merchandise

There are several causes for liberty in need of serious attention in the state of North Carolina. Such examples include but are not limited to, ending the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control System (ABC, ABCC), legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana, ending Certificate of Need laws, privatizing federally owned land, ending state income taxes, and eliminating bureaucratic red tape and laws that make housing less affordable.

Solutions to gaining greater public awareness and understanding, political traction, and making a difference will require extra work while raising necessary funds. Creating merchandise that people in your city, county, or even the state and beyond would be interested in buying will help with your causes.

Some cause-based merchandise ideas include creating stickers, t-shirts, mugs, and shot glasses that call for the banning of the NC ABC System while promoting the Libertarian Party of North Carolina (LPNC). Or for marijuana legalization or decriminalization, create t-shirts and stickers that appeal to diverse audiences. Both of these would be perfect for setting up a booth at a city social district that allows for open containers, or while tabling at a college or university.

For Certificate of Need laws, make pens to sell and give away to local doctors’ offices that have a link to an online petition that calls for the end of such overreaching laws. As for privatizing land, find creative ways to make shirts, posters, and other merchandise that highlight successful private organizations in North Carolina that take care of significant amounts of land or have done better with the land since acquiring it from the government. These do not have to be outright blasting the federal government, they could instead just focus on the positive side of privatization. These organizations may even join in on our causes.

To make housing more affordable, consider networking across architecture schools, wood companies, builders, and shipping container manufacturers to construct more affordable housing options. Shipping containers were invented in North Carolina, so there is a higher chance to find a local company that would want to assist in such a project.

Consider finding out how much a tiny home will cost as a group and find a way to Airbnb it out to raise funds to build homes for the severely disabled, mentally ill, and elderly homeless. Making shirts and hoodies that donate a percentage of total sales to such a cause will likely cross political boundaries while promoting a reduction in bureaucratic red tape that makes housing so much more costly in North Carolina.

Your cause-based merchandise does not need to be restricted to cups, mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, bags, pens, or stickers. It can go far beyond these ideas, but hopefully, this gets your imagination jogging.

Fundraiser Events

Another easy way to raise money for a Libertarian candidate, cause, chapter, state party, or national party is to host fundraiser events. With these events, they can be a number of different types of fundraisers, but one thing they all share in common is that they have a specific number in mind for the funds they wish to raise. By having a target number in mind it is easier to strategize.

Show your audience how much you have raised and how much you need to raise. As you begin to fill the gap between where you are and where you need to be, keep your audience informed and engaged.

Some examples of fundraiser events may include a series of speakers, lectures, comedians, singers, performers, or people in the group explaining their projects and why they need the money, and what they will accomplish with it.

Be sure to get each attendee’s name, zip code, and email address to stay in contact with them. Just because they don’t give on that day does not mean they won’t on another. Staying in contact with each person who attends increases the chances of donors giving later.


There are likely people in your group or network who have things they want to get rid of and would be willing to give away for a noble cause. There may be things in your home that you’d be willing to donate.

By having an auction, either a percentage or all of the money raised could go to the respective cause. The items auctioned could be themed which would get people more excited about it, and it would likely bring out a larger group of people interested in the types of items being auctioned. Some examples may include jewelry, coins, cars, furniture, tools, kid toys, paintings, instruments, books, clothes, etc. It may also be more themed like retro, mid-century modern, western, bohemian, Hawaiian, Renaissance, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, patriotic, liberty, etc.

Just like the fundraiser, the auction and its continued successful results would be contingent upon communication and persistence. By having each guest’s name, email address, and zip code, you can best optimize the chances of further success. They can be regularly emailed or notified of the next scheduled events, their themes, the causes, and the money needed to be raised.

All three of the listed ways Libertarian groups can raise money for their chapter, their candidate, their cause, the state party, or the national party. These ways include selling cause-based merchandise, hosting a fundraiser event, and hosting an auction. Each of these ways can help raise money and help with the success of those missions.

Don’t let the lack of money stop you from achieving your goals. Instead, calculate an exact amount, set a deadline, and make a plan while incorporating one of the listed methods for raising the required amount of money.

Joshua D. Glawson is Content Manager for MoneyMetals.com and a writer and speaker in the Liberty Movement. He has been active with the Libertarian Party of California since 2015. He now resides in his home state of North Carolina. Check him out at Home - Joshua D. Glawson (joshuadglawson.com)

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Polling Polemics

by: Todd Pukanecz, LPNC

You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist or believe the 2020 election was stolen to recognize that there are obvious irregularities in many of our elections. It is hard to determine if any of them actually rise to the level of election fraud, and I was thinking about that when I went to the polls in 2022 and the worker asked me if I’d like to volunteer. I gave them my name and contact information and forgot about it.

Late in 2023 the recruiter for the Forsyth County Board of Elections contacted me asking if I would like to be a judge for the 2024 elections. Great, I’m in and get to see how the sausage is made.

Even though we are volunteers, we do get paid for our service (somewhat more than jury duty), including the mandatory training prior to each election. And we are committed to work the full day at the polls. This involves setting up the night before and a 15-hour shift completing setup in the morning, 13 hours of processing voters, and an hour or so of lock up and clean up after the polls close.

Each county Board of Elections (BOE) uses a different mechanism and process for tabulating vote totals. Forsyth County uses paper ballots where voters fill in a bubble sheet to select their choices, then feed that into an optical scanner which collects the ballots and tabulates the totals. Our scanners are not connected to the internet and produce both printed results in quadruplicate as well as a USB thumb drive with the vote totals.

The thing that most impressed me was the level of detail to ensure a clear chain of custody for the ballot sheets, thumb drives, and paper receipts. Equipment is sealed with a numbered tag, judges confirm that the machinery starts at zero, that the number of ballots at the end of the day match the number at the beginning of the day, that the vote totals align with the number of ballots used, and that the machinery is resealed with new numbered tags.

I thought I was volunteering to be a poll worker, but I volunteered to be a judge. The work is the same, but as a judge I have to sign off that the processes were followed, the counts match, and the evidence bags are untampered.

This was the first election where North Carolina required a picture ID to vote. None of the 750 voters we processed complained about it and all of them had some form of ID. The NC law is pretty broad, so voters can use military ID, government worker ID, and in some cases student and expired IDs. Even without ID a voter can cast a provisional ballot as long as they produce a valid ID within nine days of the election.

In North Carolina, people can register as a Libertarian for their party affiliation. This greatly improves visibility for the party on several levels. The party and candidates appear on all state and county election materials. And we have a partisan primary so voters can only vote for candidates of one party. Since many voters are unaffiliated, we get to ask those voters which party ballot they want to use and verbally say "Libertarian" along with the other parties when we ask them.

One of the poll workers didn’t know what the LP was and I got to (discreetly) describe the LP and its principles. She didn’t seem impressed but at least it sparked some curiosity. That Argentina’s Javier Milei has had good success implementing libertarian ideas was a huge bonus.

Overall this was an enjoyable and interesting experience. The chief judge had worked many elections and was easygoing, the other workers were diligent and friendly, and the voters were mostly appreciative of our work.

The precinct I worked in is a semi-rural suburb and I didn't really expect to encounter any election shenanigans. But I would encourage all LP members who have the opportunity to volunteer to work the polls on election day. It will be a good use of your time and a valuable service to your community and party.

Help Wanted

The LPNC is seeking passionate and dedicated volunteers to join our team and play pivotal roles in advancing the cause of liberty across North Carolina. Currently, we have exciting opportunities for individuals interested in serving as "Secretary" and "Assistant Treasurer." Job description.

Our Secretary position offers a chance to contribute to the smooth functioning of the LPNC by assisting in record-keeping, meeting minutes, and organizational documentation. If you have strong organizational skills and a passion for detail-oriented tasks, this role might be a perfect fit for you.

Likewise, our Assistant Treasurer is instrumental in supporting the financial operations of the LPNC, ensuring transparency and accountability in our financial management. If you have a keen eye for detail and a commitment to fiscal responsibility, we encourage you to explore this essential role.

Additionally, the Communications team is seeking content submissions and regular writers, artists, editors, and support staff for the newsletter, the podcast, and several other ambitious plans for 2024. We can use an hour a week, or 40; as long as you are fighting for Liberty there is a place to make your voice heard. We can't do it without you!

To learn more about these positions and other exciting volunteer opportunities, please visit our staff page at https://www.lpnc.org/staff. Your involvement can make a significant impact on the success of the LPNC, and we welcome individuals with diverse skills and backgrounds to join us in championing liberty in North Carolina.

Take the next step in your commitment to liberty by becoming a vital part of the LPNC team. We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

If you are interested in filling one of these positions, please email why you would be a good fit to Ryan Brown at [email protected].

Liberty iNC

Your rights, all the time. Nothing more, nothing less, no exceptions. Simple as that.

Season 4 started last month, and we have had some great guests so far!

If you want to assist with the show, be a guest, suggest a guest, or have any other comments or feedback, please, reach out to [email protected].


LPNC Announces Change in Lieutenant Governor Candidate

Shannon Bray is replacing Dee Watson as the LPNC's Lieutenant Governor candidate. The LPNC thanks Dee for her commitment to the cause of Liberty, and thanks Shannon for stepping up to fill her place. 

Read the press release here. 

Support Your Fellow Libertarians

Port City Firearms

Our very own Justin Hinckley, 2A Issues Coordinator, has opened an online store, and you don't want to miss it!

Port City Firearms and Training 


Non Crappy Crafts

Angela Humphries is a free-spirited watercolor artist who lives by the calm, colorful waters of New Bern, North Carolina. With her loose, expressive strokes, she works to impress the magic of flora and fauna onto her canvases. Her lighthearted, whimsical mark making, infused with the inspiration of her surroundings, invites admirers to walk in nature to enjoy it’s beauty and magnificence.

Angela is a member of the North Carolina Watercolor Society and enjoys working in the privacy of her small home studio. She shares more of her work in the digital realm on her greeting card creations. Her work may be discovered in New Bern, NC at the local Bank of the Arts Gallery, as well as the Nautical Star Coffee Shop and finally her online store via Etsy.

Angela's Etsy shop


Dr. Dan's Freedom Forum Radio

"The right to own private property that cannot be arbitrarily regulated or confiscated by the government is the moral and constitutional basis for individual freedom"

Listen Live: Freedom Forum Radio 

Podcast: Freedom Forum Radio Podcast Index 


Libertarian Owned, Heritage Breed Pastured Pork

Nothing says "Freedom" like a freezer full of quality meat! Fox Knob Farm near Elkin, NC raises heritage breed pastured pork the old-fashioned way, no medications, and nothing toxic. Reserve your whole or half pork share today and select how you'd like your pork custom processed. If you haven't started building your locally-sourced food network yet, we can help get you started! Learn more at foxknobfarm.com and contact us at [email protected].



Whiskey and Wisdom Podcast

Check out New Hanover Affiliate member Tyler Yaw and his co-host Chris Kellum in their exploration of the world, its people, and its spirits. They smartly and succinctly cover a truly eclectic array of engaging topics, all while enjoying the quintessential American libation.

Discussing life's most fascinating topics over a good glass of whiskey.

Managing Editor - Rob Yates, LPNC Communications Director

Staff Writer - Joshua D. Glawson, LPNC Strategic Communications Adviser

2A Editor - Justin Hinckley, LPNC Second Amendment Issues Coordinator

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