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Introducing North Carolinians to the Libertarian Party is a critical part of building support for our 2016 candidates. That work starts now with outreach efforts at major events throughout the state. At these events, we give away materials that introduce our party and our position on important issues. But the library of materials we use to do this is running critically low. 

Our goal is to put the Libertarian Party message in the hands of nearly 12,000 North Carolinians at major events between now and the 2016 election. Your donation to this effort can make a big difference in how our candidates perform next year.

This is one of the pieces we want to put in their hands, created by Ken Penkowski, an at large member of the executive committee. 

The LPNC Outreach Library will include our position on everything from the right to marry to the right to carry!

For $100, you can help us put information in the hands of over 250 North Carolinians at events like the North Carolina State Fair, Fiesta del Pueblo and (something out West.) For a $20 donation, you can help us share the libertarian message with 50 North Carolinians.

Go here to support the LPNC Outreach Library.

You can make a difference from the mountains to the coast. You can do your part to change our state’s direction toward freedom. Today is the day that we continue the fight for liberty in North Carolina.

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