Super Tuesday!

If you haven’t voted in the North Carolina primary, you can still stop by your polling place in the way home from (or to!) work. If you are registered Libertarian or Unaffiliated you can vote in the Libertarian Party of NC non-binding presidential preference poll. Although we select our final presidential and vice-presidential candidates in Convention in Austin (at no expense to the taxpayers!), the primary is a great chance to show which candidates have captured interest and support within the Libertarian Party. 

So, do go vote. But if you have a passion for making the world a better place, let today’s vote be your starting place for deeper involvement. 

Join or renew your membership in the state party - you can do that here:

recurring donations are especially welcome in allowing us to budget for outreach, County affiliate growth, and candidate support.

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  • Susan Hogarth
    commented 2020-03-04 17:14:56 -0500
    George, the Party had to submit names for the ballot before either Chafee or Monds declared for the office. The delegates who go to Austin will still have both of them as choices there.
  • George Dance
    commented 2020-03-04 12:52:27 -0500
    I noticed, reading the results on Wikipedia, that neither Lincoln Chafee or John Monds received any votes. Were they on the ballot, or didn’t they qualify?
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