Special Convention Announcement

March 15, 2020

The LPNC Executive Committee just concluded a special meeting to consider emergency arrangements for our state convention, scheduled for April 3-5. In light of the recent developments surrounding the US outbreak of COVID-19, we have agreed that the responsible thing to do for public health and the safety of our attendees and families is to not hold our Convention in person this spring.

We will conduct the necessary business of the Convention on Saturday, April 14, in a time and manner that will be advertised soon. If you are an LPNC member and wish to be named as a delegate to the National Convention, a member of the Judicial Committee, or an Elector, contact Susan Hogarth at [email protected].

All those registered for the Convention will be contacted personally this week to thank them for their commitment and to offer them a refund of registration fees.

To say this was a difficult decision is a sorrowful understatement. Every one of us relishes resisting the state at every legitimate opportunity - but we did not relish the thought of making medical martyrs out of activists for no compelling reason. It was also becoming clear that planning an event in such circumstances involved too much uncertainty as to venue availability, delegate attendance, and guest travel. We appreciate the feedback received from many members on this difficult choice.

Lastly, the Convention Committee was working hard to bring us the best Convention ever, with so much fun, information, and education, that it was many extra pangs of regret to let it go. We want to acknowledge the hard work and passion put into the effort by Travis Groo, Pam Alexander, Kathy Cockerell, Chris Cash-Dooley, Reid Deal, Ryan Teeter, Kristin Gable, Michael Worth, David Ulmer, Erik Raudsep, Jeff Scott, Brad Hessel, and Matt Clements.

Please ask Chair Susan Hogarth, Vice Chair Brent DeRidder, or any Executive Committee member if you have questions.

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