Reject the Voter ID Amendment

by Brian Irving
Libertarian for NC Senate 16

The proposed voter ID amendment is bad law. It is deliberately vague and misleading and undermines the fundamental principle of constitutional government by restricting, rather than protecting, the right of the people to choose their representatives.

A constitution is supposed to limit government and protect the rights of the people. The Voter ID amendment does the opposite; it restricts the people and expands the state. Moreover, it expands government power in a way that will only be revealed once the amendment becomes law.

The law should make it easier to vote, not harder. Voting is a basic right. Showing an ID to vote is not the same as showing an ID to cash a check or buy something.

The photo ID requirement does nothing to address the state’s most pressing election security issues such as improving the reliability of voting equipment, safeguards for voter data, or protections against foreign interference.

It also unnecessarily duplicates an identity check process already in place. When people register to vote, county boards of elections verify their eligibility by checking their social security number. Then the issue every registered voter voting card. That should be all that’s needed to vote.

“It isn't that they want me to prove I’m entitled to vote,” said Tom Bailey, Libertarian candidate for U.S. House District 13. “It’s that they want a specific special proof.”

“I have my birth certificate, my honorable discharge from the U.S. Army, my voter registration card, my thumbprint, my DNA, and plenty of neighbors and friends who know me,” he added. “But none of these may be good enough.”

The Voter ID amendment also contradicts another article of the state constitution, notes Ray Ubinger, Libertarian candidate for State Senate District 22. Article I, Section 11 says, “As political rights and privileges are not dependent upon or modified by property, no property qualification shall affect the right to vote or hold office."

“Letting the legislature determine what type of photo ID a person needs to vote supports the notion that everybody's a nobody until the government says you're a somebody,” Ubinger said. “The words of the amendment, ‘shall present photo identification before voting in the manner prescribed by law’ actually mean ‘shall require the legislature's permission to vote.’”

Voter fraud may occur, and probably does, but even the most vocals proponents of Voter ID agree that it’s easier to talk about voter fraud than it is to prove it, and have never provided clear evidence of voter fraud. The State Board of Elections audited the 2016 election results and found that out of almost 4.8 million votes cast, one fraudulent vote probably would have been avoided with a photo voter ID law. One!

In November, voters will be asked to in effect restrict their right to vote by requiring them to have the proper "papers" to vote, but without knowing what those papers will be, where they can get them, or how much they will cost. That's absurd and undemocratic.

Voters should reject this infringement on their basic right.

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  • Ross Asbill
    commented 2018-08-18 20:00:34 -0400
    My reaction? It’s a BIG facepalm. Ugh. There’s no reason in the world that someone in America can’t get and show a freaking ID to vote, or most anything else. Ridiculous. These kind of idiotic stances is why we can’t get ahead.
  • rob johnson smith
    commented 2018-08-17 12:20:47 -0400
    Why is it that 3/4 of the LPNC’s platform is the same as the DNC’s?

    And why are the speakers y’all have down at Cloak and Dagger right out of the identity politicking /envirofacists/anti-local government playbook?

    Seems to me voter id is no big deal. Just because some Republican said one time on The Daily Show it is to, paraphrase here “limit the turnout”, does that mean it is a bad idea? It is not difficult to get a state issued ID. Operator’s License or at minimum, State ID, the latter is particularly cheap. I thought we, as libertarians, would be for strict rules regarding state laws about voting. Not flowing with DNC nationwide identity politics meant to increase their base.

    I was in MD for 2016 (voted absentee, had to prove it was me and get a notorization), I met foreign nationals that had Driver’s License from MD, were registered to vote, and illegally voted in the presidential race (some for Trump no less). Not ok in my book. ID may not have stopped that illegal voting but it is a part of that situation.

    Also, on the issue of the constitutional ammendments, the SBoE is corrupt. Whether Republican or Democrat appointed. They let counties get away with whatever they want. Like the fact that the only Absentee ballot I ever had rejected (voted about 4 times Absentee while in MD) was the Dem primary where I voted Bernie….surprise surprise. All other times my ballot was accepted. I did not make a mistake as I take voting very seriously and was quite thorough in my proceedure. Hence all the other ballots being accepted. Any thoughts on the gals in Wake BoE and their review of absentee ballots? Some dbag guy voting Bernie from another State? Oh whoops, looks like his notorization is slightly smudged…guess this one goes in the trash.

    Also, what’s up with the “LatinX” speaker y’all had? Open borders for foreigners/non-citizens is not libertarian. Libertarian is strong fences that are open to us Citizens coming and going whenever we want. I don’t mind immigrants. Especially when they actually make an effort to assimilate (like learn English please even if it’s not our “official” language. It’s essentially a job requirement even at the most menial of positions. AND It’s not Libertarian to leave your doors open for strangers to come in your house whenever they like. It is Libertarian to OWN THE PROPERTY AND HAVE SOVEREIGNTY aka, WE OWN THE LOCK AND KEY to our country. We The People of this country. That line is not The People of The World. Libertarians should not be for a Global government. We should be for as local government as possible. If we could, I say we put a damn border around NC and each county, but you know, probably get called a racist and xenophobe by the LPNC….for sure by the DNC.

    Voter ID goes hand in hand with that issue. Y’all are a disappointment to a 2 time Gov. Johnson voter (2012 &2016). Only reason he didn’t exactly voice the opinion above is because mainstream media gave him a hard time and he wasn’t going to wade in to that right off the bat because they would have beat him up after the ALLEPO nonsense.

    Will be voting Republican this year to make sure 45 is not impeached. Y’all seem to be itching for that while he’s done nothing but relax all constraints on States in all ways that don’t directly deal with Federally funded issues, which WE DON’T HAVE TO BE A PART OF BECAUSE WE ARE OUR OWN STATE.

    TERRIBLE. I loved voting Libertarian throughout the last few cycles. You all have lost a sincerely enthusiastic, legitimate Libertarian with your nonsense. Just come out and say, We Support DNC platforms because you’re lying/sneakiness is as bad as either of the Duopoly Entities.

    Thanks for nothing LPNC.
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