Plan for Recruitment, Growth, Winning Elections

This past month I was appointed by the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina to serve as the executive director. I’m honored and ecstatic to be serving in this role to advance the Libertarian Party across our state. We’re currently developing a very ambitious plan focused on growth, recruitment and winning elections. 

For the 2013 election, we’re excited to have a half dozen candidates seeking office in their city or town. Since most of these are small elections, I’m working with our candidates to help them develop a strong ground game, focused on team building and personal outreach.

Although the 2013 election season is just picking up steam, we also have our attention fixed on the 2014 N.C. House election. After a whirlwind legislative session that resulted in a larger budget and more social meddling, the people of North Carolina are ready to try something different.

We believe that our focus on constitutional government and expanding freedom at every level will be very popular with voters. We’re already recruiting candidates and beginning to train them for next year’s election. There are a number of very vulnerable seats on which we have set our sights.

With the end of straight ticket voting, and the lower turnout of a non-presidential year, we think we can take a few of them! If you’re interested in running for office or interested in helping manage a campaign, we would love to hear from you!

We also are focused on developing our local county affiliates. Strong county affiliates are the most surefire way to supporting continued growth statewide. They also are best equipped to turn out volunteers to support our candidates.

I’m looking forward to traveling around the state in September to help launch local groups in Cabarrus, Lee/Chatham, Stokes/Surry and maybe more. If you want to get involved with your local group, or if there isn’t one yet and you want to help get it started, let me know and we can work together to build an affiliate.

Thank you very much for your faith in me. I look forward to working with you over the next 14 months to transform North Carolina and make history by electing Libertarians to the N.C. House in 2014.

Jason Melehani 

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