No License to Discriminate

The state Senate passed Senate Bill 2 today. This legislation, now headed to the state House, would allow magistrates to take a pass on doing their jobs if they didn't want to marry certain taxpaying North Carolinians.

It would allow magistrates and registrars of deeds to recuse themselves from dealing with same-sex marriages because of “any sincerely held religious objection.”

Here is a call to action from Chris Sgro, Equality NC executive director:

Even though it does not specifically mention same-gender couples, this type of bill nevertheless represents a shot across the bow of our LGBT community, and is often a precursor to more virulent legislative attacks.

I'm going to be real with you: it looks like this bill will make it to Gov. McCrory's desk for his signature soon.

It's time to demand Gov. McCrory veto this and any other license to discriminate.

Sign your name:

Why lend your signature now? Here's why:

  • You can help us reach 10,000 signatures, when we can deliver wagonloads of your vocal and visible opposition to these bills to Gov. McCrory's offices.
  • You can help us find out where the governor stands on these bills (and make it impossible to dodge the question leading into the 2016 election cycle.)
  • You can help us raise the profile of North Carolina's grassroots fight against religious refusal bills in our state and national media.

More legislation like this is coming. We need you with us now. Can we [literally]count you in?

Won't you also contact your legislator in the N.C. House and ask them to oppose this bill?

This bill was introduced by state Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger in response to an October ruling by a federal judge overturning North Carolina's same-sex marriage ban. As with most legislation sponsored by the ruling party leadership, it sailed through committee with very little discussion, scrutiny or public input.

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