Mises Club Carolinas Summer Trip Update

Sugar Mountain Event - August 9-11

The Mises Club Carolinas, affiliated with the Mises Institute, is united by the principles of Austrian economics. Not just a club, they're catalysts for market-led solutions. Be the movement, Lead the Change!

Dear friends - the initial response to our announcement of the Sugar Mountain Meetup on August 9-11 has been enthusiastic! Register now by sending an email to [email protected] with the number in your party.

Paul Cwik, Professor of Economics at the University of Mount Olive, has kindly offered to lead a Mises Book Club discussion at the nearby Grandfather Vineyard and Winery at lunch time on Saturday, August 10th. We'll discuss Ludwig von Mises' booklet from 1979, "Economic Policy," also known as the "Six Lessons" mentioned recently by Brazilian wrestler Renato Moicano. It may be read online at this link, or purchased from the Mises Bookstore for a mere $8, a real bargain. It is a small booklet of about 100 pages, and can be read in a few hours. If you plan on joining us, please start reading now!

A few questions have arisen we'd like to address:

Q - What is the fee to attend?
A - Nothing. The only cost is for what you consume at meals during the event.

Q - Where is the lodging?
A - That is up to attendees to decide. Many options abound, see links to accommodations in the event details below.

Q - What will be served at meals?
A - We are working on this now and hope people will be pleased with the menu and the cost.

Q - Must participants pay for all meals?
A - If you do not like what is being served, bring your own. If you can only attend part of the event, that is fine, also. Meal tickets will be sold online prior to the event as last year.

Q - Is camping available?
A - Yes, at many area campgrounds, from backpack tent camping to RV camping with all the frills. Search online for what suits you best, and see the links to accommodations in the event details below.

Q - May my children attend with me?
A - Absolutely! But they may be bored during some of the talks. Just outside the meeting room door however is an entire mountain to explore, the base of the ski slopes with many hiking paths. Bring some outdoor toys (Frisbees, balls, gliders, etc.) to share with other young Miseseans.

Q - May we use the facilities at Wildcat Lake?
A - Yes. Part of the Lees-McRae campus, Wildcat Lake features a sandy beach ideal for small children, canoes for paddling, a fishing pier, a nice playground, and picnic tables. It is located only a few minutes away from the Sugar Mountain Resort where we'll be meeting. There is no cost to Mises Club members for use of Wildcat Lake.

Q - How can I sign up for the Saturday tour of the May Wildlife Rehabilitation Center?
A - Details on the time and group size for this are still being worked out with the center's director, Nina Fischesser. Stay tuned for details.

Q - Can I bring my mountain bike?
A - Sure! The nearby Lees-McRae College in Banner Elk has a nationally-ranked cycling program for both road racing and mountain biking. Mountain bike trails may be found in the area. Sugar Mountain holds mountain biking events throughout the year and even has bikes for rent. You can even take your bike up to the top of the mountain on the chair lift and then let gravity bring you back down.

Q - I have never been to Sugar Mountain. How far away are area attractions?
A - The simple map shown here provides some answers. Nearly everything is within a half hour of Sugar Mountain, from Linville Falls to Boone.

Q - Won't this event conflict with Mises University or College Move-in at Lees-McRae or ASU?
A - No! This date was chosen to avoid conflicts with both Mises U (July 28th - August 3rd) and college move-in (the week after Sugar Mountain).

Q - What is the weather like in early August in Sugar Mountain?
A - Splendid. Air conditioners are rare up there, for a good reason. Bring a sweater for the cool nights, ideal for star-gazing.

Register now by sending an email to [email protected] with the number in your party.

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  • Joshua D. Glawson
    commented 2024-05-31 09:13:24 -0400
    Mises Club Carolinas

    Come hear some of NC’s leading libertarian voices discuss various topics of interest and expertise on education, economics, money, non-profits, philosophy, precious metals, and more!

    - When: August 9-11. Jeff Deist and panel on Saturday, August 10th, 8am-10am

    - Where: Sugar Mountain Ski Resort – 1009 Sugar Mountain Drive Sugar Mountain, NC 28604

    - How Much: FREE TO ATTEND

    - Who’s Speaking: Kent Misegades, Jeff Deist, Paul Cwik, Kristy Holmes, Brian Balfour, Winston Brady, Dawn Patterson, Ken Silva, Joshua D Glawson, and more!

    - Sign up here: https://gem.godaddy.com/p/33a7a91
  • Rob yates
    published this page in Featured Articles 2024-05-31 03:42:05 -0400
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