Meet the 2022 Candidates, part 2

Dee WatsonMatthew Laszacs
NC Senate 14

I am running to return the power of personal choice to the citizens of district 14 and the state of NC. I want to give parents greater freedom to select the best educational options for their children by expanding educational savings accounts, scholarships, and vouchers. I want to reduce or eliminate zoning and land use laws so that people can maximize the economic benefit of their private property and developers can create the quantities and types of housing that are needed to increase supply and decrease the price of housing in our state. I want to eliminate unnecessary occupational licensing regimes that put a stranglehold on people's ability to leverage their natural talents and build wealth for their families, and I want to create an economic environment in this state that allows for new and innovative businesses to easily emerge and flourish. Lastly, I want to reform our criminal injustice system to bring it back within its constitutional guardrails. Half of the ten amendments in the Bill of Rights are specifically written to make it difficult to put people in cages, yet our state government imprisons a greater percentage of our NC population than almost every other developed nation and even some dictatorships in the third world.

We must end no knock warrants, curb pre-trial detention so that it is the exception and not the rule, limit our prosecutor's ability to utilize the plea bargaining process to coerce people out of their day in court, end qualified immunity so that government employees are liable to the same constitutional standards as citizens, and we must end the heinous practice of federal asset forfeiture sharing so that our law enforcement agencies are no longer criminals using citizens like an ATM machine whenever they need funds. I believe that the vast majority of our police are good, hard-working people that truly want to build trust with our communities, but we will never build that trust until the management of law enforcement agencies and prosecutors demand that the minority of bad actors stop being the bad guys and behave properly. Personal choice, freedom and liberty, and a society free from fear of government harassment is the roadmap to a better society. Peace and prosperity occur only when individuals are free to make rational choices for themselves, their families, and their communities, unimpeded by excessive government regulation.

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Matt Laszacs for NC Senate 14



Sammie BrooksSammie Brooks
NC Senate 15

We need to elect honest people with great personal integrity into leadership – not just CEOs and businessmen who look out primarily for themselves.

School choice and competition will help improve North Carolina's education system. No one dislikes public schools, but only competition and choice can push stodgy bureaucracies to make changes rather than just guarding entrenched special interests.

Zoning is far too restrictive. People need to be able to build duplexes, multi-family housing, accessory dwelling units, "granny flats," and cottage houses.

Wake County needs more housing, and we need to stop getting in the way of our own progress. Eliminating ABC Boards is a no-brainer. There is no need for government to be losing money trying to run grocery stores. Selling liquor is just a business and adults can make their own responsible decisions about where to buy it.

Government is about providing justice and fairness. That's what we need it to focus on.

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Sammie Brooks for NC Senate 15



MungerMichael Munger
NC Senate 13

North Carolina has the most restrictive and expensive state system of alcoholic beverage control in the nation.

Some of the costs are paid in the form of a "tax" through higher operating costs, and unreasonably high monopoly salaries for local ABC officials. But much of the cost is paid through inconvenience and nonsensical restrictions on local access: our state has less than half the number retail outlets enjoyed by the surrounding southern states. There is no reason the state should maintain a monopoly on retail sales; private stores can take over this expense, and allow people to buy nearer their homes without driving 20 or 50 miles.

Many people object that having a high price deters excessive alcohol use; if you believe that, it is still time to end the old-fashioned and wasteful ABC. We can impose an alcohol tax that will keep prices about the same after privatization. The difference is that this tax will collect revenue, rather than the current "tax" of having to drive 30 minutes each way. The tax revenue can be used to expand opportunities for school choice in rural areas, communities that until now have depended on the state monopoly on education. If we are careful, we can offer better choices and increase personal responsibility in both alcohol sales and education in rural communities.

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Michael C. Munger for NC Senate 13



KatKat McDonald
NC House 34

More freedom for parents to choose what's best for their children, more opportunities for our small businesses, less regulation, and greater school and housing choice.

Wake County is thriving because of the energy, enthusiasm, forward-thinking, and hard work of our diverse small businesses. I want to encourage and stimulate that growth, not stifle it.

The diversity of our people should be reflected in the diversity of the choices they have to live, work, play, educate their children, and pursue their dreams. Government should, in most cases, get out of their way. Special interests should not dictate what choices are allowed. And no one should get special treatment.

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Kat McDonald for NC House 34

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