Meet the 2022 Candidates, part 1

Dee WatsonDee Watson, NC Senate District 16

Hello, my name is Dee Watson and I am currently running as a Libertarian in for NC Senate district 16. I have over 20 years' experience working in clinical trials as a statistician and statistical programmer. I've always worked in places where opinions are formed from fact finding. When I see politicians selectively pick facts to bolster their opinions, I'm shocked by how counterproductive they are. The best way to solve any problem is to first acquire the relevant information. Then honest people typically agree on the best course of action. If elected, that's what I hope to bring to the capital. I understand that individuals are best suited to make their own decisions.

Government one size fits all decisions cause inefficiencies and needless waste. I will advocate against all government medical mandates. People own their own bodies and the government should never decide what an individual is required to put in or keep out of their body. The government has made it illegal to own a plant, but when someone is arrested, and they didn't harm anyone, the only victim is the person arrested. We need to end the criminalization of possession of firearms and drugs. Most importantly we need to realize that many children are not served best by government schools. We need to fund students, not systems in North Carolina.

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David CoatneyDavid Coatney, US House District 11

My name is David Coatney, and I would like you to know that I have been happily married for 10 years and have been a small business owner since 2005. As the owner of a web marketing agency, I have dedicated my entire adult life to helping small businesses, and now I want to fight for policies that help Mom & Pop.

I saw how destructive government overregulation can be to small businesses and decided not to sit on the sidelines anymore. I was also motivated to fight for immigration reform after having experienced the immigration process firsthand with my wife Beth.


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Sean HaughSean Haugh, NC House District 31

I am running so the voters of my district can choose to radically reduce the size and scope of state government. Abolishing corporate welfare incentives, ending the war on drugs, expanding school choice, and privatizing alcohol sales are all easy Libertarian solutions that will massively reduce the state budget. There are also a whole host of regulations and taxes that we could eliminate so that everyone can enjoy more opportunities to seek prosperity for themselves and their families. We could start with permanently repealing all the healthcare regulations that were suspended because they turned out to be obstacles to our response to the pandemic.

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Thomas HillThomas Hill, Cabarrus County Soil & Water Supervisor

Social Media Coordinator for Dr. Mary Ruwart and founder of Healing Our America

As our county continues to attract new businesses and residents, we need to maintain our ecological balance by holding developers responsible for any negative impact upon our shared infrastructure and environment. We can welcome economic growth without sacrificing our principles and natural resources. The county should encourage all farmers and rural property owners to plant hemp as a form of erosion control. Win or lose, I will continue to monitor issues in our community and advocate for the level of stewardship required to ensure we all have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink

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