May 2024 - From the Chair

Hello North Carolina, and happy end of May.

Summer is coming to the Tar Heel State, and the campaigns are heating up in line with the weather. We currently have 47 candidates running for federal, state, and local elections, and every single one of them needs help. Reach out, by email, on social, or in person, and we can help you find something that fits your time, skills, and budget needs. No amount is too small, and we appreciate all of it.

As I look back on May, I find myself reflecting on the nature of sacrifice. Keeping a third-party moving forward – growing membership, running successful candidates, fundraising, organizing, messaging, events, and everything else our wonderful volunteers do – requires sacrifice. I am deeply grateful for the sacrifice of our volunteers and I try to do everything I can to minimize disruptions to your daily lives. Ultimately, we want a world where politics is barely an afterthought, and we are working to spread Liberty to that end everyday.

But May is ushered in by Mother’s Day and Memorial Day is its bookend. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the incredible sacrifice offered by so many, willingly and with love. Our moms sacrifice so much to help us become the people that we are, and the only reward they seek is for us to have the best lives we possibly can. To all those of you in the Liberty movement, you are making that a reality.

Of course, since Crispus Attucks became the first American to die fighting for freedom, the tree of Liberty has too often drank the blood of patriots, and we honor their sacrifice on Memorial Day, today, and every day. So many veterans end up in the LPNC or the Libertarian Party, and I think it is because they are individuals who understand how important protecting our Liberty is. Eventually, they see through the mendacity of the military industrial complex. They never give up their fight for Liberty, though, and that’s why they end up Libertarian. Of course, this month, while we acknowledge those who are fighting for Liberty, we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Theirs is a debt that can never be repaid, but we are here, doing our best.

As many of you know, the National Libertarian Party convention was this past weekend. Results were mixed, and convention was nothing if not eventful, which is in line with being Libertarian. On a personal note I want to say congratulations to the LPNC’s very own Sarah Brady and Dan Johnson. They first met at the 2018 national convention, and, in the most heart-warming moment of convention, closed the loop on the first part of their story when Dan proposed on stage and Sarah said yes. Watch the clip here or keep an eye out for a recording in the Liberty iNC that comes out this weekend.

We also elected a new Executive Committee and nominated a President and Vice President campaign. I want to extend my congratulations to Chase Oliver and Mike ter Maat for winning the nominations, and I wish them well as they represent the party on a national level. All of our candidates campaigned hard for more than two years, and they all deserve our appreciation. I am looking forward to a spirited presidential campaign season. If you are interested in getting involved with their campaigns, let us know, and we can connect you with volunteers in the LPNC.

Of course, if you feel your efforts would be better served elsewhere in the party, closer to home, there is still plenty to do locally, and we need it. I promise, your sacrifice in joining the fight for Liberty will not be taken for granted.

-Ryan Brown, LPNC Chair

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