Libertarian US Senate Candidate Forum

The Libertarian Party of North Carolina held its first ever U.S. Senate candidate forum April 5 during the annual state convention in Durham. Candidates Tim D'Annunzio of Raeford and Sean Haugh of Durham answered questions submitted by Libertarians from across the state. The forum was streamed live and moderated by Barry Smith, Carolina Journal associate editor.


"This event was a perfect example of how political discourse should be conducted in our nation,"said Brian Irving, LPNC communications director. "Both candidates were respectful, talked about the issues, did not attack one another, and presented reasoned and rational arguments for their positions."

"Even on issues where they clearly disagreed, they engaged in a friendly and open conversation, not free-for-all," Irving said. "I'm proud of the candidates and the Libertarian Party for the way this forum was conducted. Libertarians clearly showed the establishment parties how it should be done. It's an example I wish they'd so that all North Carolina voters be better informed."

 The primary will be May 6. The Libertarian primary is open to all registered Libertarian and unaffiliated voters. In order to vote, however, you must register by April 11. Election law changes enacted last year eliminated same-day registration. 

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  • Rachel Mills
    commented 2014-04-05 16:58:06 -0400
    Good job, LPNC!!!
  • Rachel Mills
    commented 2014-04-05 16:46:19 -0400
    Good job, LPNC!!!
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