LPNC Adopts New Platform

The major business of the LPNC 2016 State Convention focused on approving a revised platform. The platform committee worked for two years upon the recommendation of the 2014 platform committee to conduct a comprehensive review of the document.

“The committee worked hard to accomplish this, adding some planks to be current with North Carolina issues, dropping or combining others, and adopting a uniform language structure between planks,” said Susan Hogarth, committee co-chair. “This new structure is lean, sticking to the essential issue for each plank, which will allow candidates to expand from the basics with their own policy proposals.”

The “new and improved” platform begins with a new and shorter preamble:

Freedom is the natural condition of all people. But far too often, governments stifle innovation through regulation, subvert compassion through bureaucracy, and suppress achievement through economic manipulation—and in so doing, limit our potential to work together voluntarily in achieving shared success and individual fulfillment. 

The Libertarian Party of North Carolina holds that state, county, and local governments should never stand in the way of the people of North Carolina—of who we are, who we can be, and what we can achieve—so long as each individual respects those same rights of others.

It includes new planks on Cryptography and Electoral Administration. Many older planks were dropped, rewritten or combined with others. The planks are organized under four broad categories: Personal Freedom and Individual Rights; Economic Freedom, the Free Market, and Social Cooperation; and The Role of Government. 

Read the new platform.

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