NC Delegates to Libertarian National Convention


The Libertarian Party National Convention opens next week, May 27, in Orlando.  The convention will select the party’s nominees for president and vice president of the United States. The party is expecting more than 900 delegates. 

Presidential nominations will begin at about 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, May 28. A presidential debate will be held that evening at 8 p.m. The election for the presidential nomination is expected to occur on Sunday morning, May 29. The vice presidential election is expected to take place shortly thereafter on Sunday.

Here is the list of North Carolina delegates: Pam Adams, Timothy Cole, Jacquelyn Cole, Craig DuTremble, Joy Elliott, Bobby Yates Emory, Sean Haugh, Brad Hessel, James Hines, David D. Hoesly, Susan Hogarth, Tom Hohman, Lonnie Holcomb, Barbara Howe, Tom Howe, Phil Jacobson, Amy Lamont, David Lamont, Brian Lewis, Rachel Mills, Erik P Raudsep, Chris Spruyt, Benjamin Struck, and J.J. Summerell.

There are still a few delegate slots available. North Carolina is allocated 28 delegates, plus the same number of alternates. If you're interested contact Barbara Howe at [email protected]. Remember, this is a big commitment in time and money. You have to pay your own way.

Read more about the Libertarian Party presidential nomination process here.

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