Libertarians Endorse Five Principles of Reasonable Redistricting Reform

RALEIGH (May 3) – The Libertarian Party of North Carolina has joined the growing
number of groups from across the political spectrum in endorsing the five principles of
reasonable redistricting reform proposed by the Fair Districts NC Coalition.

"The principles proposed by Fair Districts NC are in line with the Libertarian Party’s
platform that calls for an independent, nonpartisan, open, and transparent redistricting
process," said Susan Hogarth, state party chair.

"The current system in which North Carolina’s electoral district lines are drawn by
whichever party controls the legislature is flawed," she added. "It results in districts that
unfairly favor one party or the other, no competition in our elections, and no real voice
for voters at the ballot box."

The five principles are:

  1. Include the legislature in the process, such as in naming some of the commissioners
  2. Include citizens and/or impartial experts as commission members
  3. Set strict rules for the commission’s work that:
    • apply traditional redistricting standards (compact, contiguous, communities of interest)
    • do not allow the use of partisan data or partisan objectives 
    • use voting rules that require bipartisan support for the maps
  4. Provide for extensive citizen participation and transparency
  5. Make the maps final on the commission’s vote

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