Libertarian Party of NC statement on Green Party official status recognition

Libertarian Party of North Carolina (LPNC) Chair Susan Hogarth issued a statement today in reaction to yesterday’s decision by the state Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement to recognize the state’s Green Party as an official party for the purposes of ballot access and voter registration.

I applaud the Board of Elections for making the right call in granting official status to our neighbors in the Green Party,” Hogarth said. “Our parties don’t always agree on the issues, but we agree that political discourse works best with more voices. Allowing those who identify as Green to run for office and vote will engage a whole new segment of the electorate that has been unrepresented until now. This new multiparty North Carolina will have an impact far beyond the eventual election of Greens and Libertarians to the state legislature. This is a welcome step toward a North Carolina with a robust marketplace of competing ideas and a fully engaged electorate.”

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