June 2024 - From the Chair

Hello North Carolina, and happy end of June.

If you think similarly to me in any way, you watched that debate this week in disbelief that these two are the best our country can do for major party candidates. Barring some unforeseen and major event, one of those two will be the president of the United States, the leader of the free world, and responsible for the nuclear codes… again.

In the face of this sad reality, and against the backdrop of a Congress that seems determined to one-up itself for which party can strip your rights more quickly and aggressively, it can be difficult to keep up the energy and the momentum on an individual level. Especially as we get into the long, hot days of North Carolina summers, I understand that the staggering weight of the uniparty can weigh on our shoulders and discourage even the most ardent Liberty warriors.

I am here to empathize, and then to tell you that we are winning. Look at the big wins just this week at a federal level. We saw Julian Assange finally freed. While I suspect most of us would have preferred a full pardon to the plea deal, an innocent journalist who exposed war crimes is now able to see his family again.

The Supreme Court has reversed its authoritarian Chevron doctrine, a terrible miscarriage of justice that gave the administrative state potentially unlimited power within the context of certain regulation. Now, al the problems that we have failed to solve because unelected bureaucrats overstepped their knowledge and ability to make and enforce rules that cost money and stifled innovation.

And locally, we are seeing progress. As noted in the newsletter below, local elections have opened up, a number of which will be uncontested.

The State Board of Elections does not provide a list of all the available positions but your county board of elections website should tell you what races are available to you. Just go to your local, county, city, or town website to see what might be available, and we are here to help you with your run. A bit of diligence on the part of everyone reading this over the next four-year election cycle could lead to dozens or even hundreds of Libertarians elected to local positions, where the greatest opportunity to drive change lies.

The LPNC is working relentlessly to fight for the cause of Liberty, but our organization is the sum of its parts, and you all are the power behind this engine. Thank you for everything you do, and for everything you will do. Our brightest days remain in front of us.

-Ryan Brown, LPNC Chair

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