If Everything's a Crime, We're All Criminals

By Olen Watson
Libertarian for NC House 38 

We are stuck on repeat, reliving the same horrible incidents of police shootings in Charlotte, Tulsa, and elsewhere while ignoring the underlying problem. We have to wake up both Republican and Democratic politicians — their “solutions” have been utterly ineffective. 

The partisan solutions that have been preached for decades simply do not work. We need different ideas and different voices advocating for them. 

Republicans talk about people doing what the police tell them and Democrats talk about making the police friendlier and training them more effectively. Both parties ignore the reality of the problem: human nature and oppressive governmental control. We see regulations that monitor the amount of rainwater you collect from your roof and question the legality of a loaner library on your front lawn. It is nearly impossible for anyone to actually be a law-abiding citizen.

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