Hessel Accepts ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Brad Hessel, state Libertarian Party executive director, took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge issued by his counterpart in the Democratic Party, Casey Mann. He then issued his own challenge to the candidates for U.S. Senate, Democrat Kay Hagan, Libertarian Sean Haugh, and Republican Thom Tillis.

Here is the video.

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  • Brad Hessel
    commented 2014-08-28 23:45:42 -0400
    …and thanks also to ace videographer Brian Irving who stole enough time away from packing for his annual pilgrimage to Gettysburg to capture all the action, upload it to YouTube, and post this article. :-)
  • Brad Hessel
    commented 2014-08-28 23:40:45 -0400
    Thanks to The Gourmet Factory for hosting my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and providing the (huge) bucket of ice water. The guy who poured it on me is the manager, Thomas Smith…and if he posts his video, you might see I got to return the favor a few moments later.

    The Gourmet Factory on Western Boulevard in Raleigh is the unofficial HQ of the WakeLP and if you are interested in learning more about libertarianism, getting more involved, giving us a hard time, or just enjoying good food and drink and company, we meet for dinner most Thursdays at 7pm.
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