Happenings - May 2024

PorcFest Ride Share

Traveling to PorcFest this year? LPNC members looking to carpool

The 21st annual PorcFest will take place this year from June 17-23 in New Hampshire. PorcFest, or the The Porcupine Freedom Festival, is an annual liberty camping event organized by Free State Project. This year, North Carolina Libertarians will be attending, and have reached out about carpooling or ride sharing. If you are interested, send an email to [email protected], and we will connect you with others who are going. 


Dave Smith to Debate Chris Cuomo

Later today, Dave Smith and Chris Cuomo will go toe-to-toe on Patrick Bet David's show

Patrick Bet David will host a debate between Libertarian comedian, host of Part of the Problem, and advocate Dave Smith and CNN washout and noted covidian Chris Cuomo, whose brother Andrew is arguably responsible for the deaths of roughly 20,000 elderly people when he was governor of New York and decided that they not be allowed to leave their retirement homes where covid ran rampant. (He later left office under significant accusations of sexual harassment). 

The debate will cover the covid regime, CNN and journalism, and a number of other issues. It will be live, in front of an audience, hosted on Patrick Bet David's podcast, from 6-9 PM ET. 

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