February 2023 - From the Chair

Catholic Saint Valentine was killed by the Romans on February 14, in the year 269. He was known for constantly risking his life to advocate for those without political power, which was mostly persecuted Christians at that time. Now we celebrate a day dedicated to the most powerful and selfless feeling – love – on the anniversary of his death.

Valentine was not associated with romantic love until legends spread by Geoffrey Chaucer over 1,000 years after Valentine's death. The association isn’t surprising, though. Perhaps the greatest expression of love is willingness to sacrifice for fellow humans.

It's so easy to get lost in the day-to-day routine of sunrise, sunset, and everything in between, and, when we do pay attention, we are bombarded with messaging designed to distract us from the things we can change. National controversy over which we have zero control or influence dominates the conversation, and we miss the opportunity to drive real change right around us.

The Libertarian message, ultimately, is one of love. We stand on principle, and our unwavering dedication to our core beliefs often requires sacrifice. For that, I am thankful for all of you giving what you can to advance the cause of Liberty. We see you, your monthly contributions, your volunteer hours, and your willingness to engage and serve as ambassadors for Liberty, and we appreciate it.

In return, the LPNC is here to support you in any way we can, and to keep you informed on opportunity to make a difference near your home, all across North Carolina. In today’s newsletter, we feature contributions from many members of the Libertarian Party right here in NC, who are looking to make changes to the arts, to gun laws, to the ABC, to the way fund the military, and to our entire outlook on freedom in the Tar Heel State.

We are all here to spread this message of love, of selfless sacrifice for principle, and of putting ourselves out there to advocate for those without political power. Today, and every day, we hope to serve as a guide for you to cut through the noise and focus your energy where real change is within our reach.

-Joe Garcia, LPNC Chair

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