David Hoesly's Lifetime Liberty Project

David has been a Liberty warrior for more than 50 years. Here, he tells the story of completing his greatest Liberty project, a lifetime passion project and a concrete contribution to the Liberty movement.

by David Hoesly


As many of you know, I've been active in the Libertarian movement for the last five decades, and one of my projects was to publish the book A Liberty Primer, which was authored by Alan Burris, a fellow key activist when we lived in the Rochester, NY, area.  Our aim was to provide, in layman's language, an introduction to the ideas supporting individual liberty. Alan and I created the first edition (July 1981) in 58 8.5x11 duplex-printed pages, bound by a plastic ring, and then in July, 1983, we did a much-expanded Second Edition, some 558 pages in a trade paperback format.

Since there are, to my knowledge, only two or three unsold copies of the Second Edition, and since I wanted to get more mileage out of the project after I've bought the farm, I decided in July 2023 to create a Third Edition, which corrected a few typos in--and did some updates for--the Second Edition (including, e.g., listing websites which weren't yet available in 1983 for many libertarian organizations). It also includes curricula vitae for Alan and me. My plan was to see if some libertarian organizations would publish this Third Edition on their websites.

Recently, I received notification that the Cato Institute has posted the book on their website, libertarianism.org, accessible by this link.

It's also available on the website of Students for Liberty, at this link.

Lastly, Biblioboard, a website that helps people to create and publish books through their "Indie Author Project" has also posted a link to A Liberty Primer.

If you choose to look at any of these, I highly recommendpurchasing from Cato's libertarianism.org, because the site includes a blurb from me about how the book came about.

I regard this as the single most important contribution of my life to the advancement of the ideas that undergird individual freedom, and I'm glad that after ten months, the project has been successfully completed!

For Freedom---

David Hoesly

PS: if you're a Twitter/X fan, you can scroll down here and that will bring up Cato's link to the book also!

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