David Hoesly's Letter to the Editor

David has been a Liberty warrior for more than 50 years. He submitted the below to the Gaston Gazette, for publication on Wednesday.

by David Hoesly

LPNC and Gaston County LP

As we celebrate another Independence Day, it's an appropriate time to ponder its deeper meaning. Independence means not being dependent on others--having the freedom to chart your own course, so long as you don't harm others or take their stuff.

Our country is presently embroiled in a presidential race among several candidates, two of which are wildly unpopular--with different people.

It seems appropriate to support a candidate--or a cause--that reflects one's own values, and polls show that the majority of people support fiscal prudence and social freedom--melding the best ideas of conservatives and progressives.

Neither of the candidates of the uniparty (Democrats and Republicans) support either. They talk a good game, sure, but let's judge them by their actions!

Fiscal irresponsibility has been the order of the day, with government spending skyrocketing under the last two administrations, a burden that will be foisted on our children and grandchildren--who had no say in accepting that debt burden.

Fixing the immigration crisis would allow people who are escaping horrific regimes to settle here after being vetted by a streamlined immigration policy, each of those people using one brain and two hands to create goods and services--and thus wealth--for all of us.

And ending the ill-fated War On Drugs (which is really a war on people who choose to ingest what politicians and bureaucrats forbid) would free up police resources to fight crimes that actually have victims. It's encouraging that more and more states are liberalizing their restrictions on marijuana--a baby step in the right direction.

So if you truly support fiscal responsibility and social freedom, you should support the Libertarian Party candidates for offices at the local, state and federal levels. Declare your independence!

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