Controversial Speech Allows Us to Realize the True Value of Liberty

North Carolina has a long and proud history of controversial speech. Our Halifax Resolves, Mecklenburg Declaration, and Liberty Point Resolves laid out the concept of an independent America long before Jefferson’s famous Declaration. North Carolina Quakers included determined and vocal abolitionists in the early 1800s. Even today, communities across our state come together in advocating inclusion and equality.

And there have also been times when controversial speech has been untenable.

As Libertarians, we understand that a robust marketplace of ideas is an essential element of a free society. And we accept that sometimes speech will surface that stirs controversy or offends even the most deeply held sensibilities. But the promotion of an open and honest dialog between competing points of view allows us, individually and as a society, to discard tired, entrenched ways of thinking and embrace the very best and productive ideas, old or new.

Liberty for y’all means liberty for ALL

The Libertarian Party of North Carolina works because of our activists, volunteers, donors, candidates and committee members. But it works for the benefit of every individual in North Carolina—the entrepreneur building economic value, the teacher opening young minds, the scientist on the verge of medical discovery, the linesmen restoring electrical service after a hurricane, the parent teaching their children right from wrong, and the men and women serving or who have served in the armed forces.

The defense of people, of property and of the natural rights fundamental to a free society is an important part of creating that society and encouraging it to flourish. From the military personnel who are North Carolina natives to those who make our state their temporary or permanent home, we know first hand the positive contribution that these people make in our communities.

We thank them, and everyone who stands for the cause of liberty. That is the ideal motivating our party and our candidates. And our efforts will continue until we achieve a free, peaceful and prosperous North Carolina, where every individual has the opportunity to pursue their unique vision of a rewarding and enriching life.

Kenneth Penkowski, Executive Committee Member-At-Large
On behalf of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina


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