Casteen Renews Debate Invitation to Rouzer

Wesley Casteen continues to have a conversation with voters about important issues facing Southeastern North Carolina. Wesley discusses why the voters in the 7th District deserve to have a televised debate, although Republican candidates David Rouzer has refused to participate.  

Voters deserve an opportunity to hear what the candidates have to say, and those voters need to know that candidates are truly listening.
This fall, the 7th District has an opportunity to send to Congress a citizen who is not a product of Washington DC advertising firms or political pollsters who are paid to tell candidates what to think.  Wesley is one of us.  He grew up in the 7th District, he works and lives in the 7th District, and he will be our voice in Washington.  
Forget the political party or ideological labels.  It’s time that we had a conversation in the 7th District, a real and honest conversation. 
Watch this ad, share it with your friends and neighbors, visit our website at and let's get the conversation started today.  

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