April 2023 - From the Chair

Thank you.

More than anything I want to say, at the top of my list is making sure I express how appreciative I am for all of you.

Every day, we build on the day before. The days become weeks, and months, and years, and we slowly advance the cause of Liberty, growing the party, taking action, showing up for those in need, and spreading the messaging. The grind, all of you getting back to it in the face of tremendous pressure, is how we scrap for our victories, inching forward. Of course, we look to influence legislation wherever we can as well.

And sometimes we have beautiful moments where it all comes together, and major progress is realized in one fell swoop. Like this month…

The North Carolina legislature passed a bill repealing the pistol purchase permit restrictions, a racist vestige of Jim Crow era North Carolina. Then, when Governor Cooper vetoed that bill, the legislature pulled together enough votes to override his veto.

This didn’t happen by accident. Combined with guidance on messaging from the people who serve you in the LPNC, you called, wrote, and didn’t give up. Not once, but twice you all bombarded your representatives offices with phone calls, emails, voice mails, and even in-person visits, and you made sure the people you elected heeded the voice of the people who elected them.

And it was beautiful.

But we haven’t even gotten started yet. We have an off-cycle election season coming up with a number of local candidates, some of whom have a real shot at winning, but not without your support. We have drives planned to target the ABC monopoly in NC, an entity with violent and racist roots that maintains its tyrannical abuse of power with violence even today, all of which we explore in today’s Tar Heel.

We have LPNC activists fighting to end asset forfeiture laws that are so authoritarian as to defy belief. We have school choice, and marijuana legalization, and constitutional carry, and certificate of need, and a partisan battle that promises to get exceptionally nasty, even by today’s standards, with politicians switching parties, and vitriol pouring from both sides.

We have open roles on the LPNC staff that we need to fill. We listed the most pressing in today’s newsletter, but there are plenty of others. We have a full calendar of events around the state coming up that are futile without people to staff the tables and engage with crowds. We have mailings, and content, and research, and data organization, and meetups, and protests, and all these are just the baseline for things we hope to accomplish this year.

I’m not overwhelmed, though, at how long the road ahead of seems. Instead, I’m hopeful. I saw what happened when you, the people of North Carolina, rallied around something that mattered. And this was only the first time in this environment. We’ll get better, win more.

So I am asking, give what you can. If you can give fifty dollars a month, that’s incredible, and we will take it gratefully. And if you can give five bucks a month, that’s incredible, we will take it gratefully. If you can give twenty hours a week, we will keep you busy, I promise. And if you can give one hour a week, then we have lots on the agenda that should suit you perfectly.

So thank you now for all you have, and thank you in advance for everything we are going to do. Just make sure you’re part of it.

-Ryan Brown, LPNC Chair

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