Cuban Government Should Release Activists

The Libertarian Party of North Carolina calls for the immediate release of libertarian activists Ubaldo Herrera Hernandez and Manuel Velasquez Visea, arrested February 2 by the Cuban government. 

“As libertarians, we condemn our own government's interference in Cuba's domestic affairs,” said James Hines, an at-large member of the party’s executive committee. 

Cubans had a right to revolt against the dictator Fulgencio Batista, who overthrew a democratic government in 1952 coup d’etat, Hines said. 

“Even more,” he added, “we mourn for the Cuban people because Fidel Castro, the man they trusted to lead the resistance against Batista, and his brother Raul, have proven far more brutal tyrants than the dictator they replaced.” 

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Let Craft Brewers Grow

by David Ulmer

Most people believe if you start your own business, work hard and build it into something, you should have the right to reap the rewards. That is the American dream. However, in North Carolina some local brewers are being denied that right. 

North Carolina has a prosperous and booming craft brewery industry. This economic boon was the direct result of a grassroots effort ten years ago called “Pop-the-Cap.” The reform lifted unnecessary rules and regulations on the craft brewers. It allowed the free-market to respond. 

Dozens of hard working entrepreneurs started making local beer for consumers across the state. They brought in $1.2 billion dollars and created more than 10,000 jobs, according to NC Craft Brewers Guild estimates. State community colleges even have programs to prepare young people to work in this fast growing industry. 

For some politicians and special interests groups, success is a problem. Large, established distributors, with government-granted monopolies on transporting alcoholic products, lobbied for laws requiring any brewery producing more than 25,000 barrels per year to use their services. Distributors then gain total control over where craft beers may be sold.

Distributors want government to give them a cut of a business they didn't help build. 

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Renew Your Passion for Liberty at Lake Lure

Renew your passion for freedom with libertarian friends from across North Carolina at the Libertarian Party of North Carolina’s 2017 Convention Aug. 11-13 at The Lake Lure Inn and Spa.

Bask in the company of fellow libertarians from across North Carolina and prepare yourself to share the vision of a society built on voluntary relationships with all of our fellow citizens, and to bring that dream to fruition.

Be inspired as John Sophocleus shares the story of his court battles to defend our property rights against abuses of the power of eminent domain by the Alabama Department of Transportation.

Learn how to run effective political campaigns from Dena Espenscheid from the Leadership Institute.

Listen as Larry Sharpe shares his insight into how Libertarians can grow our local and state chapters by helping our fellow citizens understand the advantages afforded to them by a society anchored in free exchange and voluntary relationships.

Participate in revising our by-laws and electing the officers to lead the party forward in the year ahead.

Arrive on Friday night for a stay at The Lake Lure Inn, a classic 90-year-old, freshly renovated hotel with panoramic views of the lake and the mountains of Western North Carolina. On Saturday, feast on a luncheon of fried chicken and pulled pork at and a beautiful Italian buffet for dinner.


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