Sexism and Sexual Harassment

In every large organization, there will be good and bad actors. Libertarians are not immune to this, despite our emphasis on the equal rights and dignity of all people. There will be those who support the cause of Liberty who act in good faith, and those who will use it to act in their own self-interest.

For too long, it has been widely accepted that sexism and sexual harassment are an inherent part of the culture in politics and, in the spirit of unity, the problem is often ignored and even excused.

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Independence Day

On July 4, 1776, after years of turmoil, a group of young men declared that the United Colonies would be free from British rule.  Little did they know that this declaration of independence would change the country and the world as we know it.  These men pledged their “Lives, Fortunes, and sacred Honor” to make this declaration.  We have celebrated the 4th of July every year since. The day celebrates independence from tyranny, oppression, and taxation.

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Juneteenth & Liberty

This Juneteenth, let’s celebrate the freedom that was granted to the enslaved while also recognizing that the government’s policies have made life more difficult for people of color.  These policies continue today, and we need to make a push to change them drastically.

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2021 LPNC Convention Online Delegates!


Last day for qualified delegates to register for online attendance to the 2021 LPNC Convention is TOMORROW! (Friday @ 11:59pm)

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