June 27, 2024
Contact: Rob Yates

LPNC Expresses Strong Disagreement with the NCSBE Decision


June 27, 2024 (RALEIGH) – The Libertarian Party of North Carolina (LPNC) is deeply disappointed, though hardly surprised, with the North Carolina State Board of Elections (NCSBE) decision yesterday to limit the choices of the people of North Carolina in keeping the We the People Party, the Constitution Party, and the Justice for All Party off the ballot in North Carolina.

We resoundingly reject this partisan and anti-American decision that mocks the concept of democracy and destroys any pretense of representative government. Alternate parties and candidates already have a hard enough time working within the rules. This action from the State Board of Elections is just added election interference.

"The NCSBE is another tool in the vast arsenal the Uniparty wields against the majority of North Carolinians," said LPNC chair Ryan Brown. "Right now, the Democrats control the NCSBE, so they're making decisions that benefit their candidates. This is ironic coming from the party that cries about democracy being on the ballot, but not surprising from that same party that arbitrarily only put one candidate on the Presidential preference ballot."

"If independent voters were not prohibited by statute from being appointed to the NC Board of Elections, this decision would likely have been different," stated Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Mike Ross. "If you agree that it is patently unfair to deny over a third of all voters any say in the administration of election law, then you see how important it is that we vote out the status quo."

"Just the Uniparty doing Uniparty things," added LPNC Communications Director Rob Yates. "In all seriousness, along with the Republicans, the Democratic party is the most dangerous threat to democracy in North Carolina, but I'm not worried. They got burned earlier this year in the most humiliating fashion for doing the exact same thing. The Democrats didn't learn their lesson then, or they are willing to eat the fine, but this time I suspect they'll suffer at the ballot box. People are sick of not being represented, they're sick of these hack political games the Uniparty plays to disenfranchise them, and they're sick of the failed Uniparty ignoring them."

The NCSBE left open the possibility of reversing its decision after further investigating the petitions. The LPNC implores the board to stop this partisan game playing and recognize these three parties.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact Rob Yates at [email protected].


Libertarian Party of North Carolina
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Ryan Brown
LPNC Chair
Libertarian Party of North Carolina
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Mike Ross
Governor Candidate
Libertarian Party of North Carolina

Rob Yates
Communications Director and Acting Press Secretary
Libertarian Party of North Carolina
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