2018 Amendments

2018 NC Constitutional Amendments - LPNC Positions

Voter ID - Vote AGAINST

This is a solution in search of a problem. Voter fraud is much less a threat in North Carolina than the waste of resources that will be required to implement a cumbersome and invasive ID system.

Income Tax Cap (7%) - Vote FOR

While Libertarians would prefer to allow workers to use 100% of their income in the manner they deem best, putting a cap on the state income tax rate is at least a step in controlling the growth of big government.

Change in process for filling judicial vacancies - Vote AGAINST

Shifts power to fill judicial vacancies from the Governor to the Legislature. This will take the appointments out of the light and into the control of a small group of people appointed by the party in power in the legislature, and will disrupt the balance of power among the three branches of state government.

Hunting/Fishing - Vote AGAINST

Purports to "protect the right of the people to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife". This is not the level of policy that should be embedded in the Constitution. The Republican-controlled legislature is using the Amendment process to establish land-use policy that will be subject to legislative whim.

Board of Ethics and Elections Enforcement - Vote AGAINST

Another attempt to create a policy-level bureaucracy at the Constitutional level. This also makes the Board *constitutionally* Republican and Democratic, excluding Unaffiliated, Green, Constitution, and Libertarian voters from serving.

Victims Rights - Vote AGAINST

These rights are already recognized by NC statute. This will increase the cost and size of government, and potentially conflict with the rights of the accused.

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