2017 LPNC Convention Registration

The Libertarian Party of North Carolina Annual State Convention will be held Aug. 11-13 at the Lake Lure Inn and Spa. 


Here is a summary of the different level of tickets available. Basically, the Gala Convention Pass includes everything except the Sunset Boat Cruise (which can be purchased separately). The Full Convention Pass and Full Convention Pass/Student each include everything except the Sunset Boat Cruise and the Gala Banquet (both of which can be purchased separately). And the Business Convention Pass only includes access to LPNC party business sessions and a few selected events. The Sunset Boat Cruise and meals can be purchased separately.

Note: the hotel’s deadline for providing meals counts is Friday, 4 August. We’ve built in some padding, but if and when we sell out of Passes that include meals—which, by the way, are a great bargain!—only Events Passes (not shown on the chart) and Business Passes will remain available for sale. 


We have worked hard to make the 2017 LPNC Convention the best ever…but it hasn’t come cheaply! Even if you can’t attend—or, of course, if you can—please consider making a donation of $1 or more to defray the costs of speaker fees and travel expenses, hotel convention space rental and meal fees, and other 2017 Convention-related expenses. Just use the last item on list below to donate whatever you are comfortable with. Thanks!

August 11, 2017 at 7:00pm - August 13, 2017
Lake Lure Inn & Spa
Lake Lure, NC 28746
United States
Google map and directions
James Hines · · 1-251-975-7276
Victoria Williamson Michael Monaco Raymond Ubinger Sean Fye Cory White Eric Henry Christopher Cash Myron Bodtker Phil McCanless Anthony Cadorniga Isaac Paul Morgan Cory Wolfe Jacquelyn Cole John Mruk Tom Hohman Larry Sharpe Pete Reese David Lamb Laura Nance Lonnie Holcomb John Mazza Andrew Johnson Nathan Phillips Hannah White Jesse Lee Dunlap Windy McKinney Audiomind Leslee Bagdonas Anthony Huss Derek Coffren Jake Bagdonas Thomas Hill Olen Watson Anthony B. Smith Matthew Clements Barbara Howe Tom Howe Susan Hogarth Nicholas Haag Jeremy Hussey x x Kyle Anderson

Will you come?

$9,999.00 -- Saturday “Southern Hospitality” Breakfast
SOLD OUT—A good HOT meal at the Inn to start you off.
$9,999.00 -- Sunset Boat Cruise
SOLD OUT—Watch the sunset from Lake Lure and be back in time to join the Bonfire Beach Party (in progress)
$9,999.00 -- Full Convention Pass
SOLD OUT—Access to all events EXCEPT the Sunset Boat Cruise and all meals EXCEPT the Gala Banquet Dinner.
$9,999.00 -- Saturday Buffet Lunch
SOLD OUT—Fried Chicken, Pulled Pork, Cole Slaw, Mac & Cheese, Baked Beans, Texas Toast…and Cakes & Pies
$9,999.00 -- Full Convention Pass/Student
SOLD OUT—Access to all events EXCEPT the Sunset Boat Cruise and all meals EXCEPT the Gala Banquet Dinner…even if you are not a student, please consider purchasing one more pass(es) to donate to an interested but economically pressed student.
$9,999.00 -- Saturday Night Gala Banquet Dinner
SOLD OUT—Caesar Salad, Antipasto Salad, Baked 4-cheese & beef lasagna, cheese-filled tortellini, and sliced grilled chicken in Alfredo sauce, zucchini & squash medley, garlic bread and freshly baked rolls and butter…and assorted desserts
$9,999.00 -- Sunday “Continental Breakfast”
SOLD OUT—Seasonal fresh fruit with raspberry sour cream dip, individual yogurts, freshly baked Danish & breakfast pastries served with butter and preserves, orange juice, coffee, water
$99.00 -- Gala Convention Pass
THREE REMAINING—Access to all meals and all events EXCEPT the Sunset Boat Cruise.
$50.00 — Business Table
A table and two chairs where you and your organization can interact with and sell to convention attendees (available 9 a.m. Saturday thru noon Sunday)
$35.00 Events Convention Pass
Access to all events EXCEPT the Sunset Boat Cruise.
$10.00 -- Business Convention Pass
Access to business sessions and selected events ONLY
$1.00 -- Donation
We’ve worked hard to make 2017 the best LPNC Convention ever…but it hasn’t come cheap. Please help defray the cost with an earmarked donation of $1 or more. :-)

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