Competition Keeps Corporate Greed in Check

Critics of the pharmaceutical companies will use the Epi-Pen price hike as another example of corporate greed -- and so it is. Competition keeps corporate greed in check better than any form of legislative price control. But as Dr. Mary Ruwart points at in this article, the real culprit here is the FDA, which has delayed or killed Mylan's competition. 

By Dr. Mary Ruwart

Last October, Sanofi withdrew Epi-Pen’s last true competitor, Auvi-Q,  from the market after some suspected device malfunctions.  Without competition, Mylan, which acquired the Epi-Pen in 2007, when it was selling for around $57, raised their prices to $600 for a 2-pack.  I was actually quoted $800 at my pharmacy.

Teva had submitted an application for a generic version of the Epi-Pen to the FDA.  However, the agency felt “certain major deficiencies” needed to be addressed. Marketing of Epi-Pen’s new competitor will be delayed until at least 2017.

Adamis wants to market a syringe prefilled with epinephrine, the active drug in the Epi-Pen. Some diabetics must inject themselves with insulin, so use of a syringe, rather than an Epi-Pen-like device, is not unprecedented.  The FDA wouldn’t approve it without more studies on patient usability and product stress testing. Mylan is protected from still another competitor by regulatory delays.

Read the full article here.

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LPNC Nominates 45 Presidential Electors

The Libertarian Party of North Carolina passed another milestone in August. For the first time, the party nominated a full slate of Presidential Electors, 15 electors, 15 first alternates and 15 Second alternates. "If we are successful and carry the day Nov. 8, they will meet in Raleigh Dec. 15 to cast their votes for Gary Johnson for President of the United States and Bill Weld for Vice President of the United States," said LPNC Chair Brian Irving. "Thanks to Brad Hessel and Ralph Lake for recruiting all these nominees."

And at their August meeting, the LPNC Executive Committee continued breaking new ground by appointing Clement Erhard of Greensboro as General Counsel. Clement will work pro bono. Clement has worked for the Consumer Products Safety Division and currently is general counsel for Markets America ( headquartered in Greensboro. Check out his LinkedIn profile.

The EC also elected Matthew Clements, co-chair of the Durham-Orange LP, to fill a vacant at-large position.

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It Is A Great Time to Be A Libertarian

by Brian Irving
LPNC Chair

I can't say it often enough, “It's a great year to be a libertarian.” All of my life I've heard every presidential election described as the “most important in history.” That usually isn't true, but 2016 is certainly unique. One good thing I can say about Donald Trump is that he hasn't just operated outside the old political paradigm, he's shattered it.

Interest in the Libertarian Party is high. Every day, we get calls and emails from displaced Republicans and disgruntled Democrats. Now is the time for action. We need everyone to get involved with a campaign, make a donation to a candidate or to the LPNC, and volunteer to help at an event. Keep on eye on the LPNC events page because some of these outreach activities come up quickly.

Now is the time for all good Libertarians to come to the aid of the party ... and their country. We need you to:

Read more in the August 2016 Tarheel Libertarian newsletter.


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