Candidates File for Governor, Lt. Governor

Lon Cecil, 69, of High Point, a retired engineer filed today for the Libertarian nomination for governor. He was joined by J.J. Summerell, 58, of Greensboro, a benefits communications and enrollment firm manager, who filed the Libertarian nomination for lieutenant governor.

Sean Haugh, 55, of Durham, also filed for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Republican Richard Burr. Haugh was the Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate in 2014.

Several Wake Libertarians also filed for state General Assembly seats in the county today. They are:

  • Susan Hogarth, Senate 17 
  • Brian Lewis, House 11 
  • Brian Irving, House 36 
  • Olen Watson, House 38 
  • David Ulmer, House 49

Two more Libertarians plan to file Friday: Brad Hessel, Senate 15 and  Rob Rose, House 37  

If no one else files for these offices by noon Monday, Dec. 21, they will be declared the official Libertarian candidates.

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Open Letter to Muslim Republicans

Dear Muslim Republicans, 

I share your outrage and hurt at Donald Trump’s recent comments and policy suggestions about Muslims. I share your outrage and hurt that he still is polling well among Republicans. I share your outrage and hurt that we should even have to discuss such matters. But obviously we do. 

Freedom of religion is one of our most sacred American values, protected by our Constitution. Never should someone be disparaged, profiled, or have their rights infringed upon because of their religious faith. Republicans like to talk a good game about our Constitution but, clearly, many are making an exception when it comes to religious liberty. This is quite sad and it is this kind of double standard that has caused so many liberty-loving people to leave the Republican Party and find a better home in the Libertarian Party. 


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Libertarians Host Only Presidential Debate in NC

The Libertarian Party of North Carolina will host the only presidential debate scheduled in North Carolina. It is set for March 7 from 9 to 10:30 p.m. EST and will be webcast on Google Hangouts On Air. The debate will feature candidates for the Libertarian presidential nomination. 

Carolina Journal Associate Editor Barry Smith will moderate the debate from a location in Raleigh. Candidate will participate from locations across the nation. 

“We're excited to be hosting a virtual debate with our candidates for president so that the public can see and hear their views on the critical issues neither the Democrats nor Republican candidates and parties will address,” said J.J. Summerell, state party chair. 

“We especially encourage the 25 percent of North Carolina voters registered unaffiliated to watch, as well as independents across this nation,” he added. “National polls show that a vast majority of Americans want a choice outside the old parties. The Libertarian Party offers that choice.” 

The debate will be held one week prior to North Carolina's March 15 Presidential Primary. Participants in the debate will be selected by online poll conducted by the LPNC from a list of a candidates who will appear on the March 15 Presidential Primary ballot. 

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