Tell Congress No War on Syria

Tell Congress No War on Syria

Call your U.S. Representative and Senator today!

Tell Congress you do not want the United States to attack Syria.

There is no Constitutional, legal, moral – or even military – justification for an unprovoked bombing of Syria, yet President Barack Obama seems determined to do it.

His stated intention to seek “approval” from Congress is just a ploy. We need to send a very strong message to Congress that the American people oppose this.

Call or e-mail your U.S. Representative and Senator today! Better yet, call, e-mail, and visit …

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Libertarian Party Opposes U.S. Intervention in Syria

Libertarian Party Chair Geoffrey J. Neale today strongly opposed any U.S. military intervention in the civil war in Syria.

“There is no Constitutional justification for America to unilaterally use force in Syria,” Neale said.

“Syria is not threatening our country,” he added. “We have no national interest in intervening there. There are no reasons for the U.S. to support either the Assad dictatorship or the opposition warlords.”

“It’s sadly ironic, and disturbing, that just as we’re commemorating the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and the March on Washington, …

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