The LPNC Executive Committee appoints volunteer directors and staff to lead the development and implementation of the party’s strategy in a variety of different areas and to carry out specific tasks. Please feel free to contact any of our directors to learn more about what they do or if you are interested in volunteering with one of them directly. Many of the work with teams of volunteers to achieve their goals.

Political Director—Open

The Political Director is responsible for developing and implementing a long-range plan to create a freer North Carolina by electing candidates and passing legislation favorable to that goal.

County Affiliate Development Director—Brent DeRidder & Tim Harris

The County Affiliate Development Director assists local groups in organizing new affiliates and promoting the health and longevity of established affiliates

Volunteer Director—Open

The job of the Volunteer Coordinator is to match the work the LPNC needs to have done with the skills and talents of the people who have volunteered to help the party, making the best use of the volunteers’ energy, enthusiasm, and talent.



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