Directors are appointed by the Executive Committee to lead the development and implementation of the party’s strategy in a variety of different areas and to carry out specific tasks. Please feel free to contact any of our directors to learn more about what they do or if you are interested in volunteering with one of them directly.  Many of them work with teams of volunteers to achieve their goals.

Executive Director – Brad Hessel

The Executive Director is the principal administrative assistant to the Chair. The ED oversees all programmatic and fundraising activities of the state party.

Political Director – Bjorn Pedersen

The Political Director  has two primary roles: (1) to identify and train candidates to run for office, and (2) to develop a legislative agenda and lobby the North Carolina General Assembly to adopt that agenda.

Director of Communications – Brian Irving

The Director of Communications is responsible for internal and external communications.  The DoC develops and implements our social media strategy and work to build connects with the press corps throughout North Carolina.  The Communications Director also write press releases to make announcements to the media and North Carolina community about the accomplishments of the Libertarian Party.

Director of Outreach – Kevin Innes

The purpose of the Director of Outreach (DO) is to provide education and awareness of our party and its platform to the public and to organizations with common goals.