Our New Political Director


February 19, 2013 — The executive committee of the LPNC met on Saturday, February 16th and received their first report from their newly elected Political Director, Erik Raudsep.

Raudsep, is a voting member of the executive committee of the LPNC and has been involved in politics for many years now. He started off in campaigns for the Republican Party and has an extensive history with grass roots operations with …

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A Libertarian Response to Governor Pat McCrory’s State of the State Address

The Republican and Democratic Governors of the past 40 years have all contributed to the excessive debt, regulation and public sector bureaucracy which handicaps North Carolina in the areas of education, economic growth and the drug war. I would like to offer a Libertarian perspective on each of these areas, below.

To appreciate this perspective and for those unfamiliar with the Libertarian Party of North Carolina (LPNC), it must be understood that we are the fastest growing and third largest political party in North Carolina. We …

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Libertarian Party Reaches an Important Milestone in North Carolina Politics

Here is an article that appeared in the Ballot Access News Blog by Richard Winger.  This article has relevance to every citizen who supports the notion of a third party in North Carolina, but especially Libertarians.  Even though we have crossed another major milestone, we still must be aware of how important ballot access truly is and how so much of the hard work put into Libertarian Politics here in North Carolina could easy slip away from us if we loose our footing. Registering as …

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New Appointments by the ecLPNC!

Mark Rogers Named Director of Communications for the Libertarian Party of North Carolina and Erik Raudsep Named At-Large Member of the Executive Committee

January 12, 2013, Davidson, NC—The Libertarian Party of North Carolina Executive Committee met just outside of Charlotte on Saturday to discuss party business. Among the items discussed were two new appointments to state-level office positions. Mark Rogers of Carrboro, NC will serve as the Director of Communications and Erik Raudsep of Durham, NC will serve as an at-large member of the executive …

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Great Editorial from Durham/Orange

Durham City Council Votes Against Liberty?

I say Yes. But I will admit it is a loaded question. The Durham City Council met today and selected Don Moffitt as the next City Council member. Former City Councilman Mike Woodard was elected to the NC State Senate in the November election forcing him to vacate his seat representing Ward 3 on the Durham City Council. The City Council solicited applications to fill the vacancy. Four applied including former Planning Commission Chairman Don Moffitt, …

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Simple analysis is superior to complex analysis…

Unofficial vote totals

These are the unofficial vote totals for Libertarian candidates.

Despite the record early voting, voter turnout on Nov. 6 did not set any records. It was 69.37 percent, just short of the turnout of 69.93 percent in 2008. That represented 4,546,330 ballots cast by the state’s 6,649,188 registered voters.

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Howe gets 2 percent, Johnson wins historic 1 million votes

The 2012 election has two major victories for the Libertarian Party. First, in North Carolina Barbara Howe got two percent of the vote for governor, thus securing the party’s ballot access for another four years.

N.C. State Board of Elections Vote Summary

Second, Gov. Gary Johnson achieved an historic one million votes for president, beating the 32-year old record of 921,128 set y Ed Clark in 1980.

See Google Election Results

Johnson’s vote total also more the double that of the 2008 ticket of Bob Barr and Wayne Root.

North …

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Howe completes final ‘Run for Liberty’

Barbara Howe, Libertarian candidate for governor, fulfilled her pledge to run 5ks in each of North Carolina’s 100 counties today in Raleigh. Joined by local Libertarians she ran a 5K course in downtown Raleigh, beginning at the Legislative Building and ending in front of the Governor’s Mansion.

She had invited the other two gubernatorial candidates to join her, but neither Dalton nor McCrory attended. At the end of the run, Howe held a  press conference and rally.

“This 5k run was the fastest time of all the …

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Don’t Waste Your Vote!

by J.J. Summerell
Chair, Libertarian Party of North Carolina

“Don’t waste your vote” is a refrain which independent, third party voters hear frequently, and the impact it has on those considering a third party vote is interesting. It demonstrates the dichotomy which frequently occurs between logic and ethics. Logically, given a close election, one would not vote third party for the “lesser of two evils” argument. Ethically, many feel you have a duty to vote your conscious for ideological reasons. Both arguments are plausible.

The 2012 election will …

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